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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


The Deep Core Of Corrupt Globalisation.

I have constantly made my blog posting theme that of the relationship of nefarious groups and individuals in unholy and unpleasant alliances. I speak of a triumvirate of political, banking and Mafia links which no know bounds as to the depths of brutality, oppression and cruelty used to control our lives and global existences.

There was a time when the political establishments held a modicum of decency and were ever on their guard, in many nations, against the infiltration of undesirable and influential aims. Indeed, the second world war was fought primarily to suppress the depth of evil and genocidal religious hatred that was spawned by Hitler and The German people.

Sadly those hard won sacrifices and victory was but the beginning of a rapid, generational decline. One which created a vicious culture of greed and lust for centralised power.  Ostensibly for the good of all but in reality for the good of those prepared to sink to any depths to achieve ends totally at odds with human nature and nurture.

Arms dealing, drugs, bribery all abound today and tacitly accepted by all involved. Anything goes to establish  a New World Order as desirable as the vermin fed to Londoners in the guise of "bush" meat. The result of this horror is a world full of "Godfathers" pursuing control and dividing, not cities and American States, as in the past but now whole Countries and regions. 

The EUSSR is little more than such a construct. Ironically led from the front by a resurgent Germany. To get a glimpse into all this we have the luxury, for now, of mass communication and the resultant scepticism. We have a means to learn what is happening. Not least the use of mass immigration and the synthetic favouritism being shown to Islamic zealots and killers.

Today a worm may have turned with devastating consequences. One which highlights how much we need our troops back home, to keep our streets safe form the gangsters in power. I refer you to here. . Read and weep. Read and be afraid. Read and hope Rupe was really on our side!


  1. The IMF have taken over Ireland these so called politicians are only message carriers.
    The IMF wants to impose:
    - Reductions in the old age pension, including the merger of the contributory and non-contributory pension. This would knock €11 off the average weekly contributory pension payment.
    NOTE: The IMF wants to impose.

    1. GS, your handle is not "get" but "is", in your case.

  2. On behalf of my readers and my insignificant self, I offer long overdue thanks to Old Rightie for delivering a regular stream of truth seekers to The Slog.
    Lang may yer lum reek, laddie.