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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thinking Of Yesterday's Post.

The Gangsters And Their Dames.

Just look at this trail of shady connections. Here we have a Mafia bag carrier and his dame. Cuddly sweater,  with ill gotten gains carefully hidden beneath, announce their "reconciliation" . At face value it's a sweet tale of love reborn, forgiveness given and a golden sunset of later, happy, wealthy years in luxury.

In reality this Atheist and his "Lady" Grande Dame are just pure illustration of how these shadily connected minions, to the top echelons of corruption and Mafia drug lords, blithely run their holier than thou lives. Of course, in her case, it's richer than thou at our expense. In his instance it's the bag full of political connections and veneer of high society gloss, the gangsters enjoy.

Whichever way you cut it, they consider, behind closed doors, the rest of us as moronic cannon fodder, to be conned and abused as always. No doubt the hypocritical laughter around the Bliars' table these two will continue to enjoy makes, for them, it all worthwhile. One thing is for sure. If they do slip up, as regards to their masters agenda, at least the justice meted out by those supreme controllers of fear and retribution would be much harsher than that available to the rest of us. 

Maybe, sometime soon, some of these cretinous crooks will be found hanging under a bridge. Hopefully with a look of excruciatingly administered justice on their hell bound faces. Sadly, it's unlikely, I suppose. More champagne and caviare the probable future. I wish them sleepless nights and the understanding of the suffering which brings them their ill gotten luxury.


  1. Tessa did give us the Olympics. Oh, yes well, perhaps that wasn't the best thing really considering how much they all made out of it.

    1. I bet the British Public still get to lose out of it, though, Demetrius.

  2. I don't want to see any of them 'hanging from a bridge'. I want to see them hanging from gallows in Trafalgar Square, as I knit one pearl one.

    Wasn't she the only person to leave her family for politics?.


    1. Hi, Buddy, nice one! Except she never really left. I hope you're braced for Gotty on Monday next.