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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Personification Of Arrogance.

With The Attendant Ignorant Nastiness.

When you believe, as I do, in the natural instincts of human beings and the inherent fight for survival, to witness such characters as the turd above hurts. It hurts on so many levels. These people, often but not only from the Tory ranks, play there superior games, oblivious to their eventual mortality being exactly as yours or mine, I despair.

In such people, Cameron the perfect, smug, ill tempered leader of such like minded nastiness, trots out his PR face to mumble a pathetic display of indignation. in reality he's probably telling Mitchell, "You are justified in your attitudes, just don't let them see it in Public."

As that hypocrite Cooper has said to day, without one jot of self- awareness, it's unacceptable behaviour. Like ripping off the tax payers over 13 years was just tickety boo! Why do we still tolerate this political and discredited class that have, since the second world war, elbowed there way over us? Dear God in Heaven it's gross and so very pungent a stench of decay, incompetence and smug putrification. Still, with luck he'll be gone by Monday. If not, at the next election, along with his idiot boss.


  1. Viscount St Albans22 September 2012 at 13:05

    Whats with the indignation?, it is the copper's fault if the average pleb on the street spoke to to him like that plod would without hesitation arrested him for a public order offence so he showed his natural deference to a Bag O Shite, why didn't the copper just say Fuck off you cunt , then deny it, lying isn't just for the privileged elite like myself.

  2. They all need to be dangling off lamp post traitors.

  3. Whatever happened to the good old "Do you know who I am?"?