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Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Firm.

Class And Privilege.

Regardless of our station and birth, we are all mortal and our lives very short. Whether we like it or not, some are born into wealth, a greater number into poverty. That is to say in economic terms. Wealth of character, spirit and joie de vivre are equally shared at birth. Those characteristics then rise or fall, dependent on nurture.

The Royal family are born into privilege. It is therefore beholden on them to repay their good fortune with duty and sacrifice. To always set a good example and show how class is about humanity and caring, not greed and narcissistic delusion. Sadly Prince Charles, by his disgraceful unpleasantness and the gross negligence of his young wife and mother to his sons,  gave huge ammunition to The Republican Lefties and destroyed the respect his own Mother so deservedly has earnt throughout her life.

Unlike the average Joe, Charlie has an army of sycophantic tooth paste spreaders behind him, to nurture his rather thick, unintelligent  and whimsical character. This group of effete courtiers also hold much sway with the world's media. So to blithely ignore the lesson of Princess Diana's tragic death, underlines incredibly the successful propaganda achievement of writing her memory and death from millions of minds.

Platell, yet another bitter and twisted, chip on the shoulder figure, did make this argument, to her credit, yesterday. Unfortunately her article is a rare departure from her more normal vitriol aimed at those unable, often, to answer back. She has rapidly moved away from her very snide comments towards The Duchess of Cambridge of late and even published a suspicious apology. Yet her taste for attacking and vilifying the Middletons never waivers. Pure spite and envy.

So as the 15th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana quietly passed by, the MSM ignored it. No  doubt persuaded by the dangling of baubles to various editors and favoured lobbyists, to ensure the sheeples are not reminded of the darker side of the Royal and Establishment corridors' less pleasant smells.

The subtle brainwashing, that places coloured faces in drama and on TV, in senior roles and the positive discrimination, which is morally every bit as repugnant as the negative, grows ever bolder. The example of Diana's airbrushing is a warning to us all of how far we have been brought in order to control and manipulate any remaining semblance of freedom.

Prince Harry's behaviour, hardly honouring his mother's tortured life and terrible demise, was brushed aside, in just as controlled a fashion as his Mother's memory and death, a few days after his orgiastic performances. We are no longer allowed to read of anything that does not suit the Establishment and the shocking behaviour of the Royals remains a forbidden subject. Princess Margaret's life-style, Prince Philip's penchant for concubines, the late Queen Mother's addiction to gin, are all quietly curtained off from those who, in he main, fund them.

However the real and important issue is the Orwellian control over that which we are allowed to discover and that which we are not. Always that which we learn is virtually always only what we are allowed to know.
The real goings on remain hidden and dangerously secret. Anyone prepared to challenge this ghastly grip over us all, attracts mortal danger. Ask of yourself what really happened to Dr David Kelly. Or look hard at the Assange business. These matters are as cleverly managed as those pertaining to The Royal Family. Platell was only following orders with her Middleton writing and her earlier "Waity Katy" attacks.

She, Platell, may  been unconscious of the fact she is just a pawn, a sop to quell any suspicion that we are constantly being duped. She is a faux shooter of and pricker of egos but never aware that she is little more than a bag carrier for her bosses. Some of them will be from the "Palace Mafia", some from the Mandarin Gay Gordons. One thing is certain, her articles have to have editorial approval. That's where the real agenda comes into play and it's not nice!


  1. Interesting thoughts, Old Rightie.

    Taking it a step further, you may wish to check I'm telling you the truth on this one.

    Much of the ammunition revisionists use today to deny Diana the huge popularity she had when she was alive probably is generated and whipped up by officialdom.

    For example, in the War Of The Wales' (when Diana was still alive), "they" pinned a horrid little term on her which has - on and off - stuck over the years... the term "borderline personality disorder".

    The official story is that Jonathan Dimbleby went looking through the index of medical books trying to fit every row and teary episode Diana had to a mental illness - and that's where he came across the term "borderline personality disorder".

    He then collaborated with the evil bitch that is Penny Juror - a Prince Charles suck up and constant establishment whore who invents utter bullshit to slag Diana off - and together, Dimbleby and Juror without a single medical qualification between them proceeded to fill the world's media with this difficult to shake off label to add to the "Diana's unstable" meme.

    Had it been anyone else... 20-year old woman woman gets very upset as she keeps finding evidence that her suspicions about her husband having an extra marital affair that pre-dates their marriage. 20-year old woman is then kept trapped inside one building all day, every day and knows she will never again be free from her Palace prison so gets depressed and feels suicidal. Does that 20-year old woman sound normal, or mentally ill? How paranoid is paranoid when all those suspicions turn out to be true?

    See also: "Julian Assange is a sex offender." Doesn't matter whether he is ever charged, ever tried, ever found guilty or ever found innocent. That's what he has been labelled and that is what the whole world has been force fed endlessly for months now.

    Will Assange ever be able to shake that label off, irrespective of whether it is true or not?

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment - but it does back your original post! :)

    1. TC, it was your post that inspired mine and I thank you sincerely. I am also more than grateful for your trouble in commenting. All of which I totally concur.

  2. Agree to a point OR.

    I was working as a nightclub bouncer in 1997 and the news of Diana’s demise arrived in the early hours, after the punters had been courteously escorted from the premises and the team was partaking of a well-earned snifter. We were a good team in those days, with its sprinkling of retired Royal Marines, Paras and so forth, and I remember particularly Big Al (ex-RM PTI, 6’ 2” and weighing approx.19 stone, none of it fat) standing there with tears running down his big red face. He had had the great honour of escorting Diana at some point when she was campaigning against land-mines and he had found her to be beautiful, compassionate and sincere. If the perpetrators of her murder had been within striking distance on that fateful night, they would have been dealt with summarily and with pitiless despatch.

    I fear that QE (our titular Head of State, not funny money) does not deserve our unquestioning support, however, and you have no idea how much it grieves me to say that. She is as guilty as Heath and any number of quislings of selling us down the river with ref. to Europe. Recent disclosures that she and the rest of ‘The Firm’ are given access to proposed legislation with a view to amending it prior to its enactment into law confirms that this is so. I wish it wasn’t so, but there we are.
    There are times, OR, when I suspect that there is little point in continuing the fight. I love this country – or what is left of it – but the forces arraigned against us are too many, too well funded (from our own bloody treasure too), too inhuman. But then I look at my children and granddaughter and realise that which I knew all along – the fight will never lessen. The Ungodly must be faced at every turn and forced, one way or another, to reconsider.

    If I may, one further observation – Fuck Platell, and all her chattering ilk. She was once employed as Hague’s speechwriter ... seems to say it all for me.

    1. I am with you all the way, Caratacus but we must "never surrender". As for her Maj, more a prisoner than we know, is my take.

  3. My purely personal opinion is that Harry has a drink problem. The trouble is nobody seems to have noticed.

    1. Interestingly, Demetrius, this echoed a thought put forward by a close family relative recently - a member of and sponsor for AA these last twenty years.

    2. There are legions of functioning alcoholics, he may well be one. Mind you I hope he never gets aboard an Apache with drunken vengeance in mind...........there again!

  4. I wonder if you have a link to the Silent Witness series you have been watching.
    John Gibson


      Best I can do, John.