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Friday, 7 September 2012

Short, Often Not Sweet.

Life And You.

There's so much time yet so little time. Most peoples' lives are about next year, the year after or when they're older. The cares and troubles so often seem to outweigh the god times. happiness and contentment are so often subordinate to "now" and the need to secure a future of those hoped for states of comfort and security.

Unfortunately it is rare to be master of ones own destiny. Political demands, economic pressures and the strive to carve out something better for the future always means today is just a step or more likely, trudge, along the path)s). Without warning the precious times, the memories of happiness and, if lucky, contentment.

Modern living demands consumerism, which in turn demands earnings to fund. Growth feed on ever greater need for fuel. Fuel provided by enslaving the masses and controlling their lives. Everything is geared to work against individuality. before you know it, you need a happy pill from Government, or at least benefits, to believe you are living a happy life and will vote for more of this recipe's ingredients.

In reality you reach a point, as you get older, where the time to secure the longed for happiness and contentment, seems as far away as ever but the time to get there but a fraction of what it was. In truth hte human race has been robbed a few who have been luck by birth or circumstance to start the journey at least comfortably off. Their chance of reaching nirvana much increased.

Sadly, to retain this state, those that have something to protect happily exploit those who are struggling to make it. Theft, not of property but of souls, is what happens. The promises held out to us all mask the daylight robbery of our chances to achieve contentment and a sense of well being. Trust me, we must cherish any good times and never forget happy ones,if we ever had them. Life is very, very short.

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