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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rome Wasn't A Built In A Day.

Nor Destroyed In A Decade.

Borrowed from  The Englishman.

The Boy's sorted the chairs on this Titanic  in readiness for the next phase of robbing Pete to pay Draghi! Still this endless, slow taking on of watery debt, to eventually sink beneath the waves, not one of these cretins understands that the vessel is dead in the water.

However, there might be a chance for these morons to be high and dry. This by having their personal life-jackets at the ready, allowing them time to ensure that, as the citizens of Europe realise their savings and pensions have been used, to temporarily hold back the seas from swamping the ship and therefore attempt to break out of steerage, the guilty upper deck chair arrangers will survive.

Obummer's greedy wife was paraded this morning as the "Angel Of America". She towered over her, mainly black, audience, flushed with the largesse extracted from the middle class and poor white of America. The colour of your skin really is irrelevant where political thievery is concerned. At least Romney doesn't need the money she so desperately craves, to fund her regal life style. Meanwhile her Hubby's promise of a new golden dawn turns out a freezing cold, dull, grey, sell out to the corporates and their pals like never before.

Match this greed with that of our EUSSR purveyors of soviet style communism and you get to realise how bad it is. Sadly, there are many departing the blogosphere in frustration and a sense of impotence. Examples here.  I understand the frustration and the anger only too well. Things we never know about, such as the Spooks' influence. Every time I ever mention USA politics and Obummer, my system stalls and goes awry. Paranoia, maybe? I think not.

This post war "experiment" to create a World Government still lumbers on. The madness behind it gets ever worse. When the scale of the effort is ever realised, the deluded Bilderbergers just turn a blind eye to the same ambitions always thwarted by the reality of history. Bloggers may seem minor irritants to be easily swatted away. Nevertheless, flies still make cattle uncomfortable, especially when they need a wash. Always was and always will be.

So this little bluebottle will try and stay in there. After all, the stench "their" wallowing in the filthiest aspects of human nature causes, there's rich pickings for we flies round their less than attractive posteriors and at least we cam make them uncomfortable as often as possible!

Finally, I know of a very large bluebottle, or should I say horse fly, of recent times. A buzz feared by all those who would play the violin, as their EU burns below their feet. So gird your loins, everybody, OR will unleash those famous, biting incisors, in a couple of weeks time. If you wish for a clue, I will use German. Gott...... sei dank!


  1. OR,

    It is frustrating.

    Very early on I read so much about "my" subject that my eyes bled. I checked, and I double-checked, then I read it all again.

    For me, there is absolutely no doubt: the queen, her parliament, and all the various govt agents have committed treason. No conspiracy, no funny dots to be painfully joined. It's all there at the govt legislation website and recorded for posterity on Hansard.

    I admit that I spent many, many months studying before I launched the blog. I knew I could write. I knew if I was committed I could get the message across.

    Yet here I am, over four years later, telling (essentially) the same story, over and over and over again.

    I have managed to bore myself so God alone knows how bored everyone else is.

    The end result is what counts, and in my case it is that not enough people are paying attention.

    I am going to slink off and see if I can come up with something better.

    Thank you very much for your support over the years.

    Stay well,


    1. CR, take a very well earned rest, use my place if you wish to "post" any time but never despair of any contribution you have made. Large or small, they all make a difference. The blogosphere will miss you tremendously and will welcome you back any time the yen takes you.

  2. OR + CR - a few years ago (before I discovered like minded souls on the net) I thought I was ploughing a lonely furrow, and was starting to agree with my family and few treasured friends that I was just a cantankerous old git with a penchant for intimidating the Ungodly at every opportunity and making their lives a misery. Then I discovered you chaps - and others - and realised that I was not alone. The stuff you write has helped hone my general and unfocussed cussedness and given me a source of reference to use in the never-ending fight against the bastards. Thank you, thank you so much, for all your efforts thus far. Should either of you gentlemen ever stray into the badlands of East Devon, I would count it an honour to feed you malt whisky until we all fall over.

    Yrs aye,


    1. You'll be pleased to know, Caratacus, I fall asleep on malt after, tops, two! Glasses, that is!

    2. Good Heavens, OR, how deep are your whisky tumblers??

  3. We just keep pushing away, bring it into RL conversations if someone talks s*** and so on.