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Monday, 3 September 2012

One Laws For Then, One For us

Buggery Rules, OK.

For most of my life we have been governed by minorities. Be it positive racial discrimination or the activists of my picture, we all get it where we really would rather not. I read just recently, I think, some Naomi Wolf nonsense, that boys are fixated away from vaginal attention because of porn, as if slowly the "Joy of Sex" is being sacrificed on the altar of puerile politics and anal curiosity

Don't fret, guys. Regardless of our pathetic ability to be gentle, our girls still pray for our enlightenment. Be we 15, 25, or 70, we can still, with a bit of care, hit he spot. Unlike Government's favoured sons of carnal buggery. Nope, they can do no wrong. What is fraud and arrogant deceit, amongst a cadre of shared orifices

Wish to know why the World is in such a state? Inadequacies of chromosomes and the jealous narcissism of the minority. The dominance of difference over the natural, presides. Want to get ahead, where white, heterosexual guys fail? Go queer, or even better, with colour. You see, aversion and nervous disgust ,are evil feelings to harbour. The loss of your birthright, history and tradition are as nothing compared to the politically correct, modern tolerance of abnormality. Live and let live is fine, unless the love of women is paramount in your desires. If that is your predilection, bugger off, we have Laws to fight you with. Evil bastard, soon to rule over you, again mugs.

Forget his buggery, focus on his cheating of your money, Then ask why Government expenditure is through the roof.. It's appeasement of a Civil Service hierarchy, unable to let go of their pathetic, mutual, dorm comforting, in the dark.  Why eat Semolina pudding in the Savoy? "It reminds me of nanny".  If they're not gay, they're mummy's boys. They rule your life. Not a testicle between the idiots. Ask Prezza or his mistress. Just the same only poorer.

So, as David laws is comfortingly embraced back into the cheeks of power, bear in mind he is a perfect example of how we are used as tissue to wipe their ghastly arses, in so many ways. Ronnie Kray would have adored this little pygmy. 

Not my sort of guy. Regardless of this being in no way homophobic, just appalled at his thievery from my pension funds.

Just like Government. Notwitstanding this ghastly manipulative liite creeps expense fraud, he's to be fousted 


  1. Laws was actually banned from the HoCs for seven days, which actually shows that even the other piggies thought his troughing was excessive!
    Regardless of Laws being a shirtlifter, by bringing him back to the head table trough, Cast Iron is only giving us poor plebs the finger.
    Well I won't forget Dave!

    1. Cast Iron is only giving us poor plebs the finger.

      One which The Boy will have returned in spades come election time. Trouble is we'll get the other insufferables back, probably.