The despair Of The British nation.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Of All The Terrible decisions....

Afghanistan Ranks Possibly The Highest.

Another bloody weekend of carnage for troops in Afghanistan. Not a murmur from the defence Secretary, Wimpy Hammond. No publicity allowed to highlight the mess they so wallow in. Not one politician with the balls to condemn this multi billion pound merry go round of mayhem, death and life destroying injuries and maiming.

Our Nation continues to ignore its responsibilities to our soldiers and our Country. The media glory in the pathetic pictures of a skinny Duchess, half naked. More shock horror at this wanton, careless exhibitionism and supposed breach of privacy but not a whisper about the death of more soldiers. What in God's name are we about?

Karzai continues to pile on the weight as he swans around the globe, first class of course. He and his favoured tribesmen know better than the clowns in Whitehall and Washington, that he has only a couple of years left to place his embezzled millions, we so kindly hand him from our mortgage accounts.

Meanwhile The Taliban press patiently on. Their justifiable war against the aggressors that are our political and arms manufacturing hierarchies, slowly turns the odds in their favour. Of course, deals will already have been struck with various interested parties behind the scenes. Contracts already in place for the Taliban succession. Agreements bought and sold with the lives, limbs and taxes of our blighted presence there.

It is my opinion the end game is coming. The victory won, Karzai's execution inevitable. How proud and superior our Governments will pretend to be as they declare a noble cause has been honourably completed. The euphemisms will abound and pats on the back in Whitehall resound as loudly as the quiet forgetfulness of the sacrifices made. Just you see.


banned said...

Agreed except that Karzai will have noted the Quadaffis fate and will have adequaltly funded his retirement in Switzerland or the UAR.

Meanwhile the Beeb bleats on about the deaths of 2 Britisih soldiers killed by "men 'pretending' to be Afghan Policemen"

Oldrightie said...

Hi, Banned, I'm sure I heard that they were Afghan policemen. However Wimp Hammond had just told the world these guys are angels ready to take over sooner than expected, so his "truth" must pervade. Idiots.

Get Smart said...

banned is quite correct this morning they were saying on CNN a dangerous "new" trend where everything is explained in colors for the sheep to attack green on blue. New trend!!! about 45 killed this way this year alone. Nato has killed 9 Afghan women in a drone strike and they wonder why they are hated.
Just leave and stop interfering in these countries.

Demetrius said...

General Sir William Nott, where are you when we need you?

Oldrightie said...

I get the feeling the PR wonks are getting less and less effective, GS. The BS is also beginning to smell for all to endure.

Oldrightie said...

Not a victim of PC and appeasement, at least!