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Thursday, 6 September 2012


Politicians Can Only Add Up Potential Votes.

So even appointing this rather lovely lady to help with their maths education policies, will never make a difference. Today's chip paper pronouncements from the idiots in Government and even more populated by such a category, the slopposition,  with regard  to housing, we get a taste of their useless credentials for inhabiting human skin.

Let me explain. What is the most obvious thing which is present in every God forsaken, poverty stricken land, throughout this Planet's history? It is an ever present given, that when a "tribe" expands beyond its own ability to sustain itself from within, it needs must look to seizing goods and requirements elsewhere. There are long or short skirmishes, hundred year wars and even global conflicts.

Whatever the strife, it always comes down to the sustainability of the tribe and its initial hierarchical structure, usually established by one to one combat, where doubt might exist. So, like it or not, we are as primeval now as we always were. Just different requirements, clothes and chattels. Not least oil and natural resources, hitherto not needed or even wanted.

So back to the theme of political inadequacy with numbers and reality. We live in a group of small, temperately climactic islands. Most observers of the human condition and anthropology,  David Attenborough,  for one,  put it better than I ever could, with comments on the very core of my post today. 

Firstly, the hordes, of poverty stricken human beings, reflect their unsustainable credentials through the abject and mass poverty we see in Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent, China and South East Asia. Virtually the whole Globe. Now if your perceived status is, at the top of this heaving mass of demand, to retain an exalted position by selective manipulation of supply to that demand, you're quids in. For the time being.

Such is your power, so you believe, that you can choose to bolster a smaller, richer nation by, in the UK's instance, mass immigration. You get consumers, grateful voters, a multi-cultural expanding of requirements and all in all, you thought, sustainable growth. Such is this belief, you decide to make it a tenet of a whole new Continental expansion and super power in the shape of an EUSSR.

Now comes the flaw. The numbers never could nor ever will stack up. Despite that, we witness a coveted and subtle effort to introduce, into possibly one of the richest oil countries outside of The Middle East, per capita, increased immigration. Well, look what that achieved. Fear. It is even worse than such atrocities, of course.

The whole philosophy of a Global Village fails dismally when the single most desperate factor, for all our woes, is just too many people. Compound this basic fact by attempting to ensure every Nation in the World garners the same desire for "growth", in order to satisfy the greed of the political and corporate hierarchies, the scene is set for implosion. Suddenly there's not enough to go round for anybody. Certainly not those at the middle and lower end. There may seem to be no answers to these issues and this one particular problem. Richer nations gifting aid and devalued money to the least well off can't work. Robbing Peter to pay the desperately poor Paul  just doesn't work. 

As I have said, for years, each to their own. Covet not the wealth and power of others but seek sustainability and security in your own village, town, city or Nation. Lead by example, not by growth. Lower expectation, reduce demand, live by your means. Be self sufficient and only trade surplus. Impossible? Some do it. It was, once, more the normality. The solution to global instability, economic melt down and the disasters which await us are to look at how and why we are where we are.

Still, as always, the lucky few are not yet affected. Their deluded stupidity makes them certain they never will be. The only question, though, is when will the catastrophic changes happen which will sweep the present order aside. It always has, in the past. It will again. One way or another, the human race will be culled. Probably long after I've gone but happen it will. Politicians' arithmetical uselessness will be shown for what it is. It's already obvious in places like Bradford!


  1. No doubt not much will change with her new job..

    Shirin Wheeler, former expert on EU affairs for the BBC (for which work the European Parliament gave her a prize in 2008), has left journalism and joined the fab-u-lous low tax, high pay, fat pension, free Christmas (and more)travel life of a eurocrat. She is now the official spokesman for Commissioner Johannes Hahn, the Austrian in charge of regional policy.

  2. Equality will have finally came; when Europe starves.