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Monday, 10 September 2012

Now We Know!

Where All Our Money Went.

A bottomless pit of immense deceit and corruption. All in the name of "homeland" security. Somewhere along the way it was decided that "national interest" was wrapped up in the global government dream for an elite domination. So the reality of how much it would cost to bail out the banks, corporations and their Mafia cash cows was never considered, other than for the overall good of those in the know.

The continuing chase, after the riches already poured into this black hole, has become manic. The EU is just the more obviously, sickly, unformed, struggling embryo in the long march to the uplands of a global Utopian ambition. One, naturally, benefiting those who consider themselves central to this edifice to human arrogance and stupidity. The scale of this project was never once considered, as political individuals have struggled to dominate the agenda. None more so than Obummer.

However why should you take the word of a minor blogger? What's the reason behind this post and its titles? Here is where you can start. This will take you to The House Of Lords in February of this year. From there you can chase many, many more links, still, just, available on the Net. What you cannot do is find any MSM digging into possibly the greatest scandal in the history of the human race.

From this story begins to emanate that age old question, where's all the money gone? There are many conspicuous, as well as very secretive, people we know of and marvel as to where their billions come from. Look at Bliar, rapidly becoming possibly the first ever known billionaire, ex Prime Minister. A million bucks  for three hours "brokering". Lot of nurses and doctors can be afforded at those rates of earnings! All part of a another corporate merger to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

As Merkin Merkel, in Germany beavers, (that's a joke) away to create a political union within the Continent of Europe, so the corporate arms of this project work at similar ways to create unassailable companies, able to control everything, from food to energy, from drugs to child abuse. We see ever increasing glimpses of this, from time to time. I suggest BP's woes, at the hands of Obummers' Storm troopers, figure in this merry go round. Perhaps a more honest Company than most. One not conforming to the needs of The American Giants.

One mega problem plagues these activities, however. It's such an expensive exercise. Too big to fail is OK in theory, not in reality. Particularly if the proletariat get wind of where the cattle trucks are taking them. Were this to happen, then a mass leaping from the train can be expected. The mobilisation of resistance might well gather pace and cost even more wealth to suppress. 

We see it in Southern Europe, already. An impoverished peoples, stripped of the meagre possessions they have fought generations to protect. The understanding of mass wealth from small pockets, when the powerful tot up the millions of people available to extract gold teeth from. Even so, it's still not enough, nor ever can be. Every day new players appear. New generations of better educated and smarter crooks come onto the stage. Whether playing corporate heads, Mafia Godfathers or political manipulators, the old guard have to give way to the new. 

Confrontation, arguments and failure to close deals, allows the Bliars to cash in. For now. Soon all this worthless printing of pretty coloured paper will be seen, not by the little people but those involved in all this, as a confidence trick by the politicians. One designed to hide their inability to return all that gold and drug wealth, to the gangsters who who provided it. Then we'll see more frequent mysterious deaths of those politicians. Justice among thieves, you might say.

So, in all this terrible mess there is a silver lining. Many of those caught up in the excitement and perceived glamour will begin to be in fear of their lives and those of their families. The Bernie Ecclestones, the Murdochs, the Tim Yeos,  sharing the same fears as the Bliars, the Mandlesons and so forth. Once these dreadful people joined forces with the nastiness of the Mafia corporations, they forgot to have first purchased very, very long spoons.

Sure they are powerful. Sure they hunt down the Assanges. Happily employ secret service goons, too dim to see their role in all this evil nonsense. The Sir Humphreys' ability to delude each other, with constant euphemistic language, whilst their own bloodstained hands are washed constantly a la Lady Macbeth. It's one hell of a mess and can only end in tears. Whatever else we are living through, it's certainly the death of capitalism such as it has become. 

Capitalism remains a wonderful vehicle for human interaction and wealth. That is, in its purest form of barter between small, identifiable and trustworthy people and Nations. Once this global Government ambition reared its ugly head, all bets were off. Everything and everyone has to become subordinate to a philosophy as flawed and stupid as socialism is. Both neglect, or lack, one jot of understanding of the human race. Such selfish, hubristic behaviour, offers little chance of success in the long term. It is all imploding and those furthest from the core, those smaller, yet to be mopped up countries will survive and prosper. Right now the UK looks unlikely to  be one of them.

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