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Thursday, 13 September 2012

NHS Bust.

So What About The Whole Of Europe?

The endless decline is accelerating as the chickens come home to roost. The anguish about our ageing population was never considered back in the late fifties and early sixties. Well, Enoch excepted.

Now the continuing and ever expanding numbers have also brought families and elderly immigrants, to bear down on demand. Add the freebie passes handed out to EU migrants and we wonder why this appalling state of affairs has arisen? The stifling of debate by the left has ensured we continue importing votes for the pillocks in Westminster, regardless of the infrastructure burdens and costs.

Health care entitlement must be paid for. We had a National Insurance scheme which, like road fund taxation, never caught up with demand. That we now willy nilly offer expensive treatments to all and sundry, without payment, is almost comical were it not so life threatening. My generation paid dearly to fund this grand scheme. One with significant merit and altruistic intent. Unfortunately the price tag never allowed for the demands of mass immigration.

Every politician now ensconced in the House of Lords should be ashamed of their grace and favour beneficence, based on abject failure to create a wonderful society. Still, their lobotomies, at onset of political activism, seems to include the removal of any sense of shame and accountability. Hateful idiots, all of them.


  1. On our patch in the last handful of years not only do we have many more migrants but a quite a number of elderly and clearly recent arrivals. This is evident within families from cultures with strong family traditions where multi-generation living is the norm. In the meantime local hospitals have sharply cut the number of beds. Apparently their future population estimates allowed for few migrants and assumed that no elderly would be amongst them.

    1. Incompetence costs lives as well as money, Demetrius.

  2. We remember, quite rightly, the sage wisdom of Enoch in the 50s and 60s, but I feel that Keith Joseph is sometimes overlooked and ought at least to warrant a mention in dispatches.

  3. One of the last few real politicians serving us all, not himself, Caratacus.