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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

More Political Stupidity.

"Their" Ignorance Accentuated.

Almost daily thje selfish arrogance of the political classes abound. From The Boys ridiculous teddies out of pram petulance to hoon (remember this useage?) Hunt's continued promotion beyond his competency, we get doses in spades of the fools paradise these idiots inhabit.

Be it climate change scaremongering or bailing out crooks and charlatans in the banking world, we suffer this moronic lack of leadership every day. Dithering the mark of Cain on The Boys receding forehead as he continues to murder what's left of the Conservative once proud people.

Just look at this latest  finding(s), with thanks to this hero.  Then consider the billions wasted to promote the doom laden warnings of the last 35 years or so. When they force feed us with their bile laden bowls of second hand porridge few question the regurgitated sourness of the gruel. Just fork out hard earnt cash to purchase the vomit which passes for nurture.

With regards to climate change, now only quietly promoted by, amongst others, The EUBC, once the BBC, the dawning of reality, constantly published throughout the blogosphere, has made it difficult for the lies, embezzled research monies and The EU passion for a control mechanism for grand larceny to be as glaringly in our faces as it once was. Want an enjoyable dip into the exotic part of general aviation coupled with intelligent consideration of a real human being? Then don't miss this.

Naturally, the EU and The Bilderberger financial disaster, of a global government edifice, has slowed down the ability for the pursuance of their terror policies beloved of the control freakery of modern Western life. None of the pathetic failures ever link, in their deluded, possibly drugged, states, the consequences of their implemented actions over the last decades, post World War two.

Mass immigration swamping infrastructures struggling to cope with the devastation of war. Climate change, once called global warming, the weapon used to replace the threat of a cold war nuclear blast. Then the latest wheeze, economic melt don to allow new taxation and austerity budgets. All not for the common good but to struggle to haul the derailed locomotive and its wagons of self interested greed back onto the tracks.

Funnily enough, there seems to be a chance that this severity of economic slow down might just affect those with the most to lose. The billionaires may well find the willingness of nations to continue to allow them carte blanche will end. It did in France and Russia, why not now? On a global scale!

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