Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Making Fools Of Us All.

Still We Let Them.

Another weekend bowls up and the last possible glimpse of summer 2012 unfolds. The Stephanie Flanders idiocy  is dissected, deservedly, by John Redwood, as she pockets the gold from her BBC Masters in Europe. As ever, we pay for our own executions. You know, like tyrants force people to dig their own graves. Is John Redwood a latter-day Enoch? Ignored by his Prime Minister because of his outright honesty, incisiveness and decency? His cold analysis of the EU failings? Exactly as Enoch predicted all those years ago. What remarkable prescience.

I guess it will take many years before the puppeteers are suddenly turned on by the fools they control but it will happen. Those words by Enoch Powell are haunting. Just as his predictions on the eventual genocidal impact, on this Country, as on many others, of mass immigration.

Still the extraction of urine goes on apace. Is there really no better man or woman in all the Land to join the Ministry for Education? Will it be his roving brief to clip Michael Gove's wings, ensure a larger place in the curriculum for how to manage your gay life style, at tax payers expense? Cheating and deceit, embezzlement and corrupt behaviour to replace the Ten Commandments? "Thou shalt not steal" becomes "Thou shalt not be punished when caught out"? Laws, a law unto himself, you might say!

Still, all forgotten. Even if you do a "Gordon" and rarely turn up to work, the largesse flows. With new panache and tighter control over disclosure, the boys and girls expect the new "arrangements" to be as scandalous as before but better disguised. Oh how they must laugh at you and me. Shame now expunged from all politicians DNA. Service to self, not others, the watchword.

Bear in mind the furore over Diane Flabbot's fees for "This Week".  Back in 2008-09  she trousered, in her voluminous garbs, circa over £22,000 pounds. Much more than suggested in her "investigation" of recently.. Still she did have frequent holidays, sorry fact finding trips and children's' private education to fund. I suspect she has plans to retire there one day. She'll be as rich as Croesus on our generous pension entitlements and the expenses salted away. We are such mugs and our Flabbot must laugh more loudly at us than even The Boy's pals.

Have a good weekend, anyway! Here's a bit of help. Albeit scary then as it is today, in the arrogance portrayed.


  1. Douglas Carswell comes up with some good stuff as well as Redwood. At least it is clear what they mean, unlike nearly all of the other stuff.

    1. There are one or two who, if in charge, would make a difference. Not many out of 650 of the idiots.

  2. If the MD of a commercial company decided to appoint arse-wipes, charlatans and fools to positions of higher management, leaving the experienced, intelligent and gifted on the sidelines, the shareholders would have the silly sod out of the boardroom so fast his feet wouldn't touch.

    Here is a chap who simply oozes intellectual ability and has demonstrated steadiness under fire, who has the very best for this country at heart, and that daft .... thing ... Cameron hasn't the sense to get him into a ministry where his talents may be put to good use.

    Too much of a threat I suppose ... too much of a Tory in the best sense of the word.