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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Keeping Our Streets Safe?

At First Glance.......................

The murder of two young policewomen, our blighted campaign in Afghanistan and "war on terror" are not obviously linked in any way. Yet in the declining social values of the modern world, dominated by mass social media and communications, many issues and events become intertwined.

Firstly our streets are palpably not safe. Not even for those charged with policing them. Secondly the cost of government ineptitude and political impotence, has left us with a growing gang violence and culture which is  getting ever closer to all  our lives. The overstretched and over manned pen pusher infrastructure is very ragged indeed. Public Services are now the new plaything of Union barons whose last bunch of toys were destroyed as nastily as now government services are in the throes of being.

Naturally the agenda is to shoe horn us into a EUSSR strait jacket and the Unions are as passionate about the extra perks to themselves this creates, as are the Mandarin and political careerists. Nevertheless none of this rag tag and bob tail bunch fully realise that the future in such an enforced dictatorship will be less forgiving of argument as any in history.

Then there is inevitably the cost of all this incompetence. Now that really does bind everything together. As we lurch ever deeper into debt, import ever more hungry mouths to feed, illnesses to cure and activists to bully the ethnic British into submission, the money becomes less and less available to fund the good guys. 

We have already witnessed, this week, the revelations of the upper strata of government and their corrupt  affiliations with gangsters and our enemies. The wringing of hands over the inappropriate tweets and Facebook support for Cregan , after he surrendered to the police give us an insight into the mindset of authority in 2012 UK. 

I found the comments by a Senior Police Idiot at lunchtime sickening. Whingeing about what people are saying and thinking, without one seconds qualm regarding the draconian destruction of freedom of speech. Not one ounce of embarrassment as to his part and collusion, in joining with the political classes, in creating the environment in which his policewomen and the gangs controlling our Government's bailed out financial failures, are now rampant.

So back to the connections. The heroin trade in Afghanistan flourishes. Our soldiers continue to be sacrificed to hide the stupidity of ever getting into that mess and we are so broke we haven't a farthing to spare to really change or arrest the slide into poverty. At every step we look at, that has been trodden by cretinous would be leaders, MPs, Councillors et al, we see decades of unbelievable failure. 

Since there appears no end in sight, all that is left, for those who got us here, is suppression and the stifling of dissent and its desire for a better world. We are seeing not only a defeated war in Afghanistan, our streets are every bit as dangerous as the dusty, IED,  littered roads in Helmand Province. Billions have been squandered but there is not one iota of an understanding that the rapidly becoming "Mad Max" scenario, that is The UK, is the fault of those left in charge since the 1940s. Those still holding a grip over all of us today. Not wonderful, is it?

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