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Monday, 17 September 2012

Just Hours After The Hillsborough report.


The BBC led with this on their home page but quickly moved it, today. This  latest establishment embarrassment.  and now the sacking, has only one objective and that's to try and cover up under what orders PC Harwood was acting .

Trust me, Gordon "Snotpicker" was adamant all effort believed necessary to "protect" his egotistical posturing and mincing, was to be employed. Where on earth did the policeman's behaviour stem from? Why was such a character in the Police Force? How many more are there?

I guess we will, as ever, never know who really colluded in those G20 violent actions but I'm certain it went all the way to the top. Just as at Hillsborough. Were it not for the phone footage, Harwood might well have been promoted. Instead he's now a sacrificial lamb. I hope Ian Tomlinson's family keep digging.with the perseverance of the Hillsborough families. Or PC Harwood looks to whistle-blow.


  1. I thought I would share this on here because I started this post this morning and updated it earlier after these events.

    When did it become normal for public servants to retire multi millionaires upon taxpayers dime?

  2. Viscount St Albans17 September 2012 at 19:55

    Dear O R, several years ago in the sixties I think, a chief of the Metropolitan Police stated openly that he "employs more thieves than than he catches" what has changed is technology it, wisely used will eventually beat the Sociopaths who infest the Police, the CPS, Politics.

  3. Hi Old Rightie, from Jim Miller (ex Leominster, now Merseyside!)

    I believe that Boris Johnson's decision to publish Simon Heffer's calumny in the Spectator that ""drunken Liverpool fans at the back of the crowd mindlessly tried to fight their way into the ground". should preclude this man from ever becoming leader of the Conservative Party. He was simply reproducing propaganda from the corrupt Sth Yorks. Police and that is a massive error of moral judgement which should rule him out of serious frontline politics IMHO.

    And, much as I respect Simon Heffer (who helped me with the campaign to expose expenses cheat Bill Wiggin) he should not now be employed by a respectable newspaper. He went down there - on his own initiative - with scum like McKenzie, purely out of baseless prejudice against Liverpuddlians.

    Hope things are still beautiful in The Marches, BTW!

    1. Hi, Jim. Thanks for popping by and important observations. We mustn't forget the Blairite lot as well, of course! September in The Marches is one of the best for some time, Buddy.

  4. "PC Harwood would keep his police pension as he had not been convicted of a criminal offence."