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Monday, 3 September 2012

Is There A Glimmer Of Hope?

I Do Hope So.

As we slowly begin to forget the reality of a Socialist Government, things get less obvious how terrible their decades long legacy really is/was. Ye even their God of spin, Bliar, was forced to admit,  "TONY BLAIR declared an end yesterday to the 35-year experiment of comprehensive education. In a stunning admission of defeat for the cause - and an extraordinary about-turn for Labour - he conceded that academic excellence had too often come second to the desire for social equality in the classroom. The Prime Minister promised a revolution in secondary schools to put the needs of individual pupils first and made selection a central element of his reforms, overturning a fundamental principle of his party's education policies for 50 years.". Naturally the sick and addled brains of the labour underbelly would never agree but at the moment they still are out of power.

Even further evidence of change and hope stems from this school. One soon to be aligned with the "Free school" policy being successfully trailed out all over the Country, right under the verbal salvoes of the Left's pea shooters. If Michael Gove carries on like this we have a leader on our hands. I note with great pleasure his PR reticence and ability to piss off his Sir Humphreys in the Education bunker. One staffed by those Gestapo brain washing brigades!

Now if Michael defected to UKIP and went from that bombshell to Number 10, dreams really could come true. Having said that I might even look at a possible return to a real Conservative leader, rather than the spineless, cojones light Boy we have right now!

Still, to watch as the free school idea wrestles control from the socialist evil pervading education departments and the teaching, once profession, now political safe harbour for incompetent activists, I see just a tiny glimmer of hope. Might I suggest the title of these schools be changed too Free grammar Schools!


  1. Michael Gove, free Grammar schools, Ukip, thats dangerous talk, do you really think that Gove will be allowed to ruin 35 years of deception,deceit,deviancy and licenced thought,,over Julia Middleton's dead body.

  2. Hi, there Lord BUM! Thanks for the comment......hope still springs eternal but I take your point.