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Saturday, 15 September 2012

How "They" Hate You And Me.

Hillsborough Tells It All.

Still they bluster and lie.  This terrible image from 1989 pointed the way forward, for police and the political authority granted them, to travel. The deceit and lies, the collusion and corrupt follow ups are now laid bare for all to see. What, for Oldrightie, stands out most, is the arrogant manner in which this tragic event was manipulated to blame victims and supporters. People whose only en masse crime was to gather together to watch a football game.

Politicians, judges and senior police officers played out a carefully choreographed and macabre, dance of the seven veils,  cover up. Those responsible for getting the truth, eventually revealed last Wednesday, have done the victims and their families proud. They have also shone a massive searchlight into the deep, cavernous pit, inhabited by those in power.

Bolstered by the getting away with anything they like, police forces moved into the political arena with  a treacherous new raison d'etre. From such an awful event the powers that be saw that if they could cover up this incompetence and stupidity, anything, now, could be done in the same vein. 

Look at recent riot police behaviour at G20 summits and how Gordon "Snot picker" Brown, sanctioned "anything goes"  in his egotistical (failed) hosting of economic disaster movie makers. kettling deemed legal, another example.  How clubbing to the ground Ian Tomlinson cost his attacker............well, nothing so far. 

Then remember how for many hours the rioting of ethnic groups, in the main, was left relatively unchecked because of political correctness gone mad. A reluctance to commit forces to policing for fear of that overly sensitive outrage, so well practised by the child groomers and their ilk. Indeed similar behaviour has been witnessed by Obummer, this very week. A blind eye turned to the murder of his own Senior Diplomat and Ambassador to Libya.. 

How's this connected to Hillsborough? Easy. It shows the disdain and the hubris, the nurturing of power for selfish greed and satisfaction. I've said week in, week out for years, this passion, for ever greater global government and dictatorship, is reflected in the flames and deaths of Hillsborough. Our PTB are terrified of crowds and gatherings. They relish the hastening decline of social meeting places such as pubs. They love the manipulation of news and political shenanigans, to keep the blindfolds firmly on our heads.

We see the way large gatherings to express disgust at our subjugation are handled. The booing at the Para Olympics was a rare occasion when anger and jeering managed a small expression. We have seen it often at sports gatherings and soccer matches. We could do with much more.

There even exists billion pound police departments, dedicated to filming the general public. Police helicopters filming us all and no doubt storing images for the future culling they may well need, in the near future. This attitude that we are all potentially their enemy is a far cry from when, once, we were one and the same society. We all used to regard ourselves as a Nation family of families. I could go to football matches as a five year old and be treated by hundreds of adults as their own kid to be carefully manhandled onto the cinder track around the ground, for a front row view and a safer place in case of any, very rare, crowd trouble.

What the hell happened? Those in power got fearful of losing their grip and discovered new ways to fight us with propaganda and hidden methods of control. Mass immigration just one of them. No more boom and bust, another sop to the serfs. Right now this report into Hillsborough, last Wednesday, showed how it works, in graphic detail. Many millions suddenly woke up. Drugging them all back to sleep is going to prove problematical.

We can but hope somebody will be punished for the cover ups. Not resign on a peerage and fat pension. Sacked and disgraced. Made financially as impoverished as their duty to their fellow man has become. As I often say, hope springs eternal.

Here's just one of the arses blaming somebody else for his own arrogant nastiness. he's one of many.

Read his grovelling words  here and weep.  Then if you can stand it, read this.


george said...

Everyone should download the latest Hillsborough report ( 7Mb pdf file) and print it off for future reference. Any time they start believing anything they read or hear in the news they should get the report out and remind themselves what they really think of us. 160 statements 'amended' to put supporters in a bad light. Dead children breathilysed. 41 people rolled onto their backs and left to choke to death on vomit or blocked throats due to their tongues in order to fit all the dead within the timescale. Maggie and Hurd knew 2 days after the disaster that the supporters were innocent but told civil servants to keep that quiet and go with Kelvin Mckenzies jackanory stories of fans pissing on police and stealing from the dead etc.
Horrible stuff.

Fuck Them fuck Fuck Them Fuck Them said...

Time for a fucking revolution, start with that necrophiliac Kelvin McKenzie string him up from the nearest lampost now we know who the ruling elite think they are, all coppers lie all MPs are traitors, the Judges are filth and are there to keep there lower orders in fear.

Get Smart said...

There is something that goes on in the UK and other places its called ‘Common Purpose’ this is an outfit that links all organizations like the police, the courts,newspapers, councils ect to protect each other. It makes interesting reading if you look it up and explains how the system works and how they will do anything to protect each other. Hillsborough was a good example the police linked with the newspapers and the courts to see the fans were blamed. The courts passed a law that no claims over £3500 could be made by the fans and they had to see a relative die. The police on the other hand some received compensation of over £350,000 for stress.

Viscount Rectum said...

As for that bullheaded chief policeliar, I wonder how many innocent victims he has fitted up up, the shithouse should be jailed, coppers are the scum of the earth.

Viscount St Albans said...

Common Purpose, run by Julia Middleton, her motto think outside the box, its a EU elitist front organisation designed to drive political correctness into your brains,she needs to be put into a box along with her mentor Lord Prescunt.

Caratacus said...

Policemen lie.
Newspapers lie.
Politicians lie.

People know this; and now they are outraged? Attention spans of bloody goldfish. Still, it's Strickley tonight ... they'll soon forget.

banned said...

At about the same time as Hillsborough the South Yorks Police arrested and charged me with being "Drunk in Charge". Having explained the crime to me I acknowleged my guilt in the police station so imagine their surprise when I pled not guilty at the Mags.
I'd consulted a local lawyer who spotted my defence.

At the subsequent hearing the S. Yorks Police amassed 4 coppers and a sergeant each to swear on oath that the (then new) Lionometer breathalizer had been operated properly which I agreed with before my brief proceeded with my actual defence.

The two arresting coppers were now forced to lie, on the hoof as it were and they didn't do it very well, so badly that the truth emerged and I was rightfully aquitted (all the while bearing in mind my briefs wise words "do not accuse individual Policemen of lying to the Magistrates, they don't like that because it makes them (the mags) look bad".

Anonymous said...

The police have always been hated. Don't think that the propaganda of Dock Green or Midsommer is the natural order of things. The police have always been used to control the mob, and historically they are not liked.

As to the society we inhabit being ever more corrupt in the upper echelons, perhaps its the lack of warfare that is the problem. The culling of large swathes of European manhood every other generation perhaps created more of a constant revolution, where social mobility was much easier and intergenerational wealth redistribution was faster.

I try to keep out of plod's way as best I can. Get off the road if they are behind you, don't see any evil, don't have anything to do with them. Demonstration? Sign a petition? You having a laugh?

Oldrightie said...

Horrible then and remains so this very day, George.

Oldrightie said...

FTx3, it really is one big tent they piss out of.

Oldrightie said...

GS, hopefully that "common" purpose might one day become ours.

Oldrightie said...

His prison may well be The House of Lords and £300 pounds a day for luxuries.

Oldrightie said...

We need a lot of boxes, VSR.

Oldrightie said...

Sadly the lobotomy industry is doing very well, Caratacus.

Oldrightie said...

I joyous victory, Banned. We need much and many more, however.

Oldrightie said...

Anon, keeping a low profile is wise counsel but somebody is needed to push back, sometimes.