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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chat Show Cameron

I give you fair warning that I'm not in my relatively normal, chipper mood today. I've just had to make myself a cup of tea because Mrs GOT got her hairy fucking arse in her hand after I complained that my favourite red wine bucket had washing-up streaks on it.

Boiling the kettle and shit didn't put me in a grumpy mood itself, it was the fact that I had to open a new container of milk. You know, one of those 2 litre plastic fuckers with a foil seal underneath the screw cap. In the name of all things bastard well holy ... have you ever tried to remove one of those godforfuckingsaken foil things? An absolute load of bastard buggering about with pliers and then only half the fucking foil comes off!

It was then that I realised I'd made Earl Grey tea ... and I don't take milk with Earl Grey tea ... for fuck's sake! Senile, grumpy old cunt.

Talking of senile cunts (did you see what I did there), I see the cunt Cameron has interrupted his New York shopping trip so that he can appear on the David Letterman chat show. What the fuck! How the buggery bollocks does he think that verbal sparring with the wise-cracking king of the chat show, is a wise move.

Camermong is senile. Senile I tell you. The spineless faux leader of the faux Tory party and all around PR arsehole in charge of the calamitous Cuntalition Government ... is finally going Gordon Brown bonkers.

What the actual fuck does he think appearing on the David Letterman chat show will do to get us all out of this quadruple dip recession? Fuck all. That's what. Obviously, he's priming himself for the £200,000 an hour celeb talk circuit, for when he loses the next General Election ... just like his mentor .... Tony fucking Blair.

And if David C thinks that David L hasn't heard about Andrew Mitchell telling the police they're 'fucking plebs'. then he's in for a shit sandwich. Good. Go get him Letterman! Tell him from me that 'if he talks like a cunt, looks like a cunt, thinks like a cunt and acts like a cunt ... then he most certainly is a cunt.

Hey, but whatever you do, don't send the cunt Cameron back here.

I thank you.


Anonymous said...

Who's gonna say "call me Dave" first?

Anonymous said...

Might my evening at the expense of yours. Thanks for making me laugh.

Anonymous said...

"Might my evening"? What the fuck I'm getting as senile as your good self. Made my evening.

Caratacus said...

Don't know this Letterman chap, is he known for spearing politicians? Hope so ... that dopey twat Cameron needs to be told a few home truths and none of the MSM in this country are going to do it.

"Mr. Cameron, have you heard of someone called 'Gotty' back home? He reckons you're a cunt". Wouldn't it be luvverly ;-)

Anonymous said...

Letterman ... if he's on the ball ;-

Anonymous said...

I knew what you meant ... I'm senile, after all. Btw, it wasn't meant to be funny, I was fucking furious! Still, glad that one of us isn't feeling so grumpy now ;-)

Anonymous said...

Letterman is more quick witted and controversial than most hosts, on any of those 'my new' book/film/album/TV show, celeb arselickathons ... they call chat shows. Let's just hope Letterman has free reign and isn't just going to be a highly-paid patsy for whatever gobshit the cunt Cameron wants to spout forth ... in return for a large brown shit stained envelope, stuffed with greenbacks.

We'll soon find out, I guess.

Viscount Rectum said...

You will find that Cameron is not a real person, he is as David Ike claims a ,Spunk Bubble, a creation from London's sewer system, he went on the Letterman show just prove he is human, sometimes his chip fucks up, and he thought the Magna-Charta was written by King John the Baptist, to keep the Plebs in their place which I suppose is right

banned said...

Cameron is also an ignorant cunt, it is not The Magna Carta, it is just Magna Carta; next thing he'll be telling us of The Buckingham Palace.

Simon Hepher had to e-mail his similarly ignorant journos at the Telegraph on this subject just 5 years ago.

Viscount Rectum said...

listen you prick,it is The Magna Carta: why ? because I said so thats why, so if you don't want me to interfere with you say sorry.

banned said...

The Viscount The Rectum, "sorry" but my comment was not directed at you.

para 4, last line.