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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cable Already Positioning?

Treachery Abroad.

The last week has put into the spotlight that closet socialist, Cable. Rumoured to be in talks with Red Ed, his real motive is to secure his place at the trough, post next election. Though many months away, Government, such as it is, will be sharpening their inter-office Whitehall knives every bit as the political buffoonery will be grinding theirs.

In all of this grotesque pantomime of failed clowns and incompetent curtain calls, we, the victims of the establishment, try to live our lives with the handicap of forever looking over our shoulders as to what might be about to damage our puny efforts at existing in a decent, free manner. What taxes are going to increase, which banks are to be bailed out next, how many more soldiers are to die or be made limbless, how much more greed, hubris and sheer nastiness are "they" cooking up?

It is very hard to laugh at them. Their defences are thick skinned and impervious to the loathing and contempt most of them so richly deserve. For the last year I have endeavoured to wearily point a finger at the enormity of tragic nastiness The EU cretins, aided and abetted by our own self seeking lot, manage to implement. 

I see a report today that Valencia is running out of medicines, as the terrible mess the EU and its beloved single currency, goes from cess pit to ever deeper cess pits. I listen to the praise for Merkel and her ever growing dream of a Fourth Reich becoming a reality, without a shot being fired. The loss of dignity and even lives, achieved, seems not to matter. I guess if you are at the top echelon of power and personal gratification the "plebs" really do not matter. "Let them eat cake" perhaps the attitude as prevalent today as it was in the 18th Century. We all know where that led to.

Well,  I'm taking a break. I have invited Gotty to offer us his splendid anger and unfettered ire at those who would, or indeed, have, beggared us all. Love him or hate him, his invective will be, for me, a welcome change. As he points his verbal machine gun at the people who deserve even worse than Gotty can do, at least we are fighting back. I hope most, if not all, of you enjoy the week. If some of you are of a sensitive disposition, trust me. Grumpy Old Twat at his worst is a more honest companion than the Andrew Mitchells of this world. Enjoy and never give in to the lot of them. See you all in a weeks time, (Monday week).

Go get 'em, Gotty!


  1. Have a good break OR - grab any opportunity while ye may, say I ... I rather fear that we may be on short rations ere long :-)

    As for Gotty, I see he's already put a toe in the water over at Max Farquar's ... the likes of Mitchell had best put a couple of exercise books down the back of their shorts for a few days!