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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Banning Super Strength Alcohol

And there was me thinking that a 'superhero' was someone who wears their underpants outside of their fucking tights. Or wears a utility belt whilst hand-in-hand with his boy wonder, chasing around after The Joker and The Penguin.

Call me old fucking fashioned or a Grumpy Old 'Living In The Past' Twat ... but there's a new 'superhero' on the block. Yes. That's fucking right. One which refuses to sell super strength alcohol. I shit you not. Check out the new 'superheroes' here.

Here for fuck's sake!


What the fucketty fucking fuck is going on!

I always knew that Ipswich was inhabited by in-bred fucktards with an IQ less than your average shoe size but what kind of cunting County Cuntcil decides that banning super strength alcohol is twatting well 'trailblazing'.

Inventing the telephone is 'trailblazing'. Find a cure for the cunt cancer, is twatting well 'trailblazing'. NOT deciding that a few chavs on fucking benefits, hanging around on park benches and drinking like dickwads in doorways, have no self-control when it comes to cheap booze .... so we'll bastard well ban it!

Fer fuck's sake .... some fuckwits can't be trusted with driving a car. Hey! Why the fuck don't you nanny stating shit stains ban cars as well!

Banning super strength alcohol WILL NOT solve the problem of cunting chav fuckwits who have no self-control and no sense of responsibility for their actions ... you mother fucking fuckwits! Stop ruining the lives of the majority by pandering to the minority mongs.

Fuck me! I used to think that this kind of twattery was bona fide New Labour behaviour ... but the faux conservatives are just as bad. No. They're actually fucking worse!

Cameron. Cunt.

That is all.


  1. "Why the fuck don't you nanny stating shit stains ban cars as well!"

    Just up the A140 the tossers at the Kremlin (aka Norwich City Council) are slowly working away at just that. They now want to ban cars from one of the main shopping streets (apparently so Last Bus can get their filthy fleet running on time)

    Elsewhere they alter the road layouts, introduce "traffic calming" measures, and fuck about with traffic light timings in order to make it virtually impossible to use the roads we've paid for.

    And hot off the press is news that another street is being closed so kids can fucking well play in it!!!

    "Think of the cheeeldrun"
    NO!! try thinking of the poor bloody taxpayers for a change...

    1. Oh, for fuck's sake! Who the fuck wants to travel on a bus smelling of puke and piss (and be charged a shed load of cash for the experience) ... when you can use the fucking car!

      As for the rancid rug rats ... they can go play on the A47, in the rush hour. Annoying little cunts!

  2. I love shagging a woman who is pissed out of her mind you can fit it up her arse and she will not notice, great.

    1. Too much fucking information ... dirt box dickwittery is for gayers.

    2. I suspect there is good reason for this. You see a chav woman will have had a number of children, presumably not all with the same 8 fathers, so her box will incredibly loose... indeed is there anything looser than a chav's box? So if you're going to derive any pleasure from her at all, it's either her mouth or dirt box, and I expect she'll be too busy chain smoking for the former.

  3. "The Engineer" of 20 July 1877 has a most interesting article on telephones. It says that "By progress of this kind the human family must become civilised." Oh dear.

    1. Oh dear. How disappointed he would be to see how totally opposite his prediction turned out to be. The twattery they call 'texting' is responsible for completely destroying the English language. Replacing it with letters that form twatting speak and spotty faced tosspot teenagers have developed a peversion for beating up and abusing people whilst videoing it on their fucking iPhones. 'Happy slapping', I think they call it, FFS!

      Happy families it is not.