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Sunday, 9 September 2012

At Long Last.

The Olympic Jamboree Is Ending.

The cost of this hubristic exercise, started by Labour and finished by what's left of a once great party, The Cobbleition, draws to a close. Sure there have been good moments, not least Wiggo's time trial victory, yet in the main it's not been, nor ever could be, value for money.

As with all things governmental, cronies and others in the swim of deceit and corruption,  will be very much richer. The BBC and TV in general will carry on spouting the mantra of how fantastic it all was and how we must do it again sometime. Like holiday acquaintanceships, which end with undying commitment to remain for ever, the emotional gushing knows no bounds.

However, soon the realities of this "vacation's" cost will dawn. Unpaid bills, credit card obligations and the huge interest payments on the loans taken out will have to be met. Remember every single penny paid out of government tax revenues is spent long before its received. Ergo all of the Olympic dosh doled out had to be BORROWED. So if anybody believes the legacy will be anything but huge debt, they are deluded.

We already know there is not one penny of income left to fund post Olympic activity or building maintenance. We know London's retail and service industries suffered and security went through the roof. My understanding of the "legacy" is that it was overpriced, overspent and economically a disaster.

Naturally those with most to personally gain from claiming success and promotion on the back of it all will never agree. Lord Coesmug is already set up for life and probably to become a billionaire, if not already. As will his pals and the other shady figures in the background who ran the prostitution surges for the IOC members' perks.

Still it was ever thus. At least it's soon to be finished. I, for one, will be mightily glad as I await the real cost and the ghastly results to come. With or without the hype and PR, we will eventually see what utter folly it all will have been proven to be.


  1. And just as it finishes, the BeebBeebCeeb move smoothly into place with 'Strictly Come Dancing' for the masses. The Memsahib has cleared the decks and is preparing for her annual love-fest with the male performers - may the gods rot their spangled underpants - while I contemplate the coming evenings in the summer house with music, books and a decent bottle or two with quiet satisfaction... :-)

  2. Value for money? As you note: not at all. Given that we taxpayers were compelled to pay for this, surely we should have at least been entitled to free tickets? As for the facilities built for the games, who will benefit from them? Not those of us who live hundreds of miles from the capital. As for those who will benefit, the greater part of them, owing to London's contemporary demography, probably won't even be English.

  3. What next gravy train for that gobshite Cole I wonder?