Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Arse In My Hand

I'm a Grumpy Old Twat and, as such, I'm always liable to mother fucking mood swings ... that would make Gordon 'prime mentalist mono eyed bully boy' Brown look like a fucking angel.

Today ... I have my big, fat, hairy, fucking arse in my hands.

I have far better things to do ... than preach to the cunting converted.

Therefore, I shall mainly be consuming several bottles of Valpolicella, whilst I contemplate my next piece of cuntishness for the Guardian.

In other words, I'm fucking the fucking fuck off outta here.

OR is back Monday.


  1. Cooee Polly, Grumpy Old Twat would like a word ...

    Christ on a bike Gotty, if I thought you were going to write for the Grauniad I might even start reading the fucking thing...

    Thanks for holding the fort while OR is busily engaged in a quick RAS ... don't stay away too long ;-)

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