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Sunday, 19 August 2012

When PR Was About Highlighting.

Not Promoting Inadequacies.

I was moved to ponder modern publicity and spin, whilst watching a David Starkey documentary on Churchill. The obsession with corporate advertising and promotion is now the terrible lot afflicting so many from varying ends of social inadequacy. The two candidates above perfectly illustrate the "sows ear" purse principle. In our modern world nothing is deemed to be unsaleable or unassailable, if sufficient publicity of negative or positive kinds are employed vigorously.

On the one hand this spin is often very successful. When it does fail to get the required result however the Public relish that as much as any pricking of vanity involved. Mrs Duffy ably proved that point! Of course such is the vanity and arrogance of those using these PR machines they also fall for the deluded belief that their deficiencies can so easily be "managed" and ergo unimportant to any influence such pathetic minds are able to incur.

If we now return to Churchill, I suspect here was an obese and not necessarily photogenic older politician who still dominated his Mandarins, controlled his departments and by his colossal intellect, helped to garner this Country's pride and excellence, to overcome the German Nazi socialism. Of course subterfuge and consideration for imagery was present. What was significant, when compared with today, neither Churchill nor Adolf were in the first choice category for general election beauty contests.

Bliar thought he was. Physically, maybe, but in terms of character made Winston look Tinkerbell. Here we begin to observe how the obsession with spin over substance has contributed to our decline and stagnation. Honesty in all walks of life is now a handicap to be avoided, if it gets in the way of greed for power and lust for glory. 

I still think there are and were Churchillian figures in politics. Callaghan for one, Maggie another. Even today one might proffer John Redwood, Philip Dunne, Jesse Norman. Mix in Frank Field and a man I once unfairly despised but have grown to admire, Robin Cook. Then we have Michael Gove. So there are figures, probably others, who have potential for greatness. 

Unfortunately the Mandarins and the left have too powerful a grip on those organisations which would be required to promote a man of personal weaknesses but towering personality and inspirational human qualities, such as Churchill. 

Some might say it is wrong to compare our modern wannabes with the great man. I disagree. We need to do so in order to try and break the sugary sweet imagery that all is well, if we are to overcome the arrogant and disdainful rich club of back scratchers and thieves to the public purse. Particular the upper echelons of Sir Humphreys.


  1. Once upon a time the mandarins were required to know some history and languages. Even then they were far from perfect. Today all they are obliged to know is current management "speak" and the latest fashions.

  2. To me and it may be a surprise by I had a lot of time for Harold Wilson because he told the US to get stuffed when they wanted the UK to join the Vietnam war. I think Kate Hoey is another honest MP I see in the last few days several Tory MPs getting payoffs from 'green companies' while on committees making green policies which means we pay more for something else.The truth is they care nothing for the people who elect them.

    1. @GS

      I used to think that ref. Harold Wilson, but then I wondered if he was simply carrying out the instructions of his masters in the Kremlin. There is more to the Hollis affair than has been made public and I suspect that dear old Harold may not come up smelling of roses when the details finally dribble out.

      That said, it was a good thing that we stayed out of Vietnam at the time. Thank heaven that the Blair creature wasn't around at the time ... he would have been straight up the president's arse, pausing only to lightly grease his earholes beforehand.

    2. pausing only to lightly grease his earholes beforehand.

      I doubt he even took time to do that given the shape of his ears ( pointing forwards).