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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Under The Radar.

How Embarrassing And What A Shame.

Suppressed by the UK media but not able to be hidden from the world. More here. My gripes are many fold. 

Firstly the athletes themselves are being let down by the poor and sloppy organisation.Iit seems that not only G4 failed to meet expectations but many other businesses and bureaucrats have added their incompetence into the mix. It is such a pity that the sporting side is eclipsed by our modern day inability to function as a Nation.

That inability is compounded by the subterfuge, the secretive bureaucracy and the brainwashing. Coe is a perfect example. faced with huge empty gaps in the seating he puts a hand over one eye and proclaims "I see no empty seats". Moron. Yet he's only mimicking how the ever worsening of our ability to find well educated people to run anything, is reflected in the socialist agenda for an EU Government run  from  Brussels.

An organisation which has failed to get its accounts signed off, persecuted the odd honest whistle-blower and favoured to lavish excess the likes of Mandleson, Kinnock et al. A well educated and intelligent British people is the last thing they want. Hence the calling in of troops to fill the yawning gaps in LOCOG's puerile multi-cultural volunteer regiment of non-English speaking people.

Still, as I posted the other day, the public and the athletes are supporting a very successful sporting side of these games and despite the moronic LOCOG "organisers" and their socialist manned quango, I am enjoying that side of things. Just don't get carried away that it is all one spectacular piece of organisation. One we still have to pay the bills for, remember.


  1. Stratford, there used to be a wonderful locomotive building works there from the old Great Eastern Railway, plus a lot of other engineering and manufacturing premises. Now we have sports stadia and Big Macs.

    1. "Now we have sports stadia and Big Macs." only for a very short time, Demetrius!