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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Them And Us.

In So Many Ways.

So it continues. I've just returned from Germany. A very large industrial City and home to Airbus on its banks. I didn't miss the absence of constant BBC left wing bias and unwholesome passion for the desired extinction of the white race. Note in the story link the phrase "In a distressed state". So was not  this lady also distressed?

Like The wretched EU and euro rubbish those that would rule decree utter and grossly incompetent dogma driven edicts and only if you are white are you expected to follow them. During my brief trip to germany one thing stood out. A fraction of the multi-cultural evidence and where those existed, the individuals involved were seemingly not "strutting" or "lording" their positively nurtured privileged discrimination so beloved of The UK.

Sure there existed a nod to The EU laws on positive discrimination but any notion, such as is bandied about here,  that the endemic white races would be eventually driven, out as the coloured influx grows ever larger through childbirth and further mass immigration, was not in any way an issue.

If the UK was as Germany we would share their economic and future well being, come what may. Sadly we are to weighed down with self inflicted and loaded baggage. The nightmare has a long way to go or indeed may never end unless we wake up. probably too late.


  1. I was just reading this on the DM note these illegal immigrants some have been arrested 3 times. So what happens when they are arrested----Nothing!!!!! Arrested and let go free you could not make this stuff up.

    1. Hi, GS, it seems there is some kind of deliberate collusion afoot and hard not to wonder if it's all part of an EU dominated by an economic fourth Reich.

  2. The white woman Tube tirade was on youtube for ages (still is?); where is the vid of the distressed black lady?

    I haven't been to Germany for a while but, though there was little discussion about it, seems to me that the Turks are successfully outbreeding the Germans in their own land.

    ps, ta for the BBC link, did my bit to let them know whar we are really interested in by clicking on the link to Naked Prince Harry photos.

    1. Hi, Banned, I still think the Germans will bear in mind they have a history of "solving" such issues. We don't!