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Monday, 13 August 2012

The Return Of The Damned.

Socialism Rears Like A Drunken Hobo.

Two faces about to be launched big time as the poster boys of Labour. That failed but still revered ideology which pretends to align with socialism. I am sick and tired of the stupidity of these ridiculous and quite pathetic intellects. Their self absorption and narcissism escapes their consciousness. Like all pretend, bleeding heart, look at me I'm so morally superior attitudes, drive me to distraction.

I owe the opportunity to launch today's rant to JuliaM whose post today gave me the inspiration to vent my anger at such gross failings in people to grasp the reality of life and existence. I, too,  have found the Cobbleition and in particular The Boy, to be a great disappointment. However their legacy from the "poster boys'" perceived army of angelic perfection that they so worship was pretty well insurmountable.

These ridiculous "comics" just never look around themselves. Their self absorption and ideological immaturity  never stops to consider the lot of people and the need to exercise incredible effort to harness resources and ever declining wealth. Nope, the ideological dogma must overwhelm any practical and uncomfortable truths.

Their alignment with "green" issues and the desperate plea to spend ever decreasing credit card limits on all kinds of ridiculous, proven and weak energy goals is but one example of their naivety. Not once do these creatures and users of commercially exploited ridicule stop to consider that enterprise, use of available and still to be discovered supplies of energy capture and useage are the means and wherewithal they can enjoy the prosperity of their acerbic wit and charmless humour.

They turn their oh so moral stances on their heads, with hateful, as Julia writes in her post, unseeing venomous bile. The true targets of despotic cruelty and violence such as exercised by Assad goes unremarked. If  Clark thinks The Boy is so bad how come he spares not a second to condemn some really unpleasant people?

I refer once more to Julia's post. She rightly links the disability card to that of race. It is to remain unspoken that any human being, regardless of circumstance, can be a sh*t. Colour, ethnicity, background, disability are all irrelevant. We can choose to behave badly or decently. Talk of hatred, pigeon holing whole groups and making ridiculous nastiness some kind of badge of honour is grotesque.

Despite the fatuous nature of the "We're all in this together" remark, circa two years past, it's an undeniable truth. Sadly, for the Country and the World, the use of moral superiority, minority, blinkered resentment and the willingness of the MSM Chatterati to jump on board this train to despair, the reality of our shared existence "together" is just so.

Where we dip out in the "together" part is a failure to highlight the good that is inherent in all grass roots political activism. Social gatherings and genuine, non-partisan, debate to tease out the best in all doctrines, is not a desirable situation for those who crave power. Bliar, Mandleson and Snotty all decided, after Kinnock's roasting, that power should be sought by whatever means. Now that meme is set in stone and was demonstrated by Cleggeron and The Boy in forming the Cobbleition. What the electorate wanted was a three way coalition of the best, if any to be found, of all three of them. To be fair, The Boy did attempt to include the likes of Frank Field and other Labour figures with a degree of success. 

Yet all this ideological desire for a decent Government is destroyed by the baying, unrealistic mob these two so fittingly demonstrate. The need to pay our way in life in order to then have the wherewithal to support the less fortunate, the weak and wounded is always paramount. Competition in sport is but a metaphor for that in life. Such a fact does not fit with the fanciful whimsy of such people as my subjects of today. As your economy sinks, your entrepreneurs get harassed to go elsewhere and poverty increases, the causal link, to the high blown desirable fantasy, is lost.

So much of these guys potential swallowed up with their own desire for self importance. Their notions of fairness always convenient. Not a word on the traitors to morality they support. The nepotism of Harman, the greed of Prescott, Bliar, Mandleson et al. In genuine right wing philosophy the success of peers is meant to be reflected in top down beneficial manifestations in infrastructure and well being for most if not all citizens.

Labour were meant to be the experts at this. Instead their obsession with "ends justifying means" left us all with an economy unable to do better for those less able or deserving. Take just one gross error. Mass immigration. So dominated by economic parasitic demand as to lose the capability to harbour real need and genuine asylum requirements.

These gross and immature boys are the thin end of the wedge that will be the next Government. Yet again we will lurch ever backwards whilst those with great wealth will be every bit as courted as now. Socialism has become the fig leaf of the present mess capitalism has got itself into. The application of common sense, right wing successful history is long gone. Socialism, in its application, is the cause, not Conservative, real values. They are as much in the garbage bins as ever socialism ones are. Who should we trust to get the best retrieved before its all dumped in the land fills?  

Certainly not the drug addicted, addled crews represented by so many comedians whose comedic value is still very dangerous. Still they will get old one day. Then they just might realise how badly they did. How can I say that? Because of this.


  1. I watched some of the closing ceremonies. I thought they SUCKED. Well, the spice girls were kind of ok. Russel Brand, a complete ass.
    Dead Freddie Mercury was in VERY poor taste, but this ilk has no class.

    WTF was up with Annie Lennox on that zombie slave ship, it was horrific. The whole games was about socialism, NWO goosetepping crap. I'm glad they are over. At least GB won lots of medals, so congrats there.

  2. Hi, AB. many thanks for dropping by with your usual accurate take! You won more medals than anybody. Bet Obummer will milk that!

  3. Obumblef*ck will probably take credit for winning them "oh, they didn't build that, it was the state that trained them, blah blah". He wins the medal for the worst liar on earth!

    1. Trouble is, Bunni, those medal winning fibbers seem to get the jobs!

  4. I think this says it all about the Olympic movement

  5. The might and power of the jobsworths, Tony.