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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


So Predictable.

This piece explains quite clearly the manner of our continuing depressing depression. The idiocy and buffoonery, that failed so dismally to foresee the nightmare that was 2007, continues as though nothing happened. The pompous prognosticators from our three main but wholly discredited, parties still behave as though it was all an unforeseeable accident that no one could have predicted.

All the so called, self-appointed experts and pundits prattle on as though they always understood what was happening. No responsibility, no sackings just more of the same clap trap, mouthed to those in power, by their sly and rather unpleasant chancers in the background.

The sum total of the reality is that too few hold too much. The wretched coalitions between the banksters, the gangsters, the corporates and the politicians  are so very cosy. Without mass uprisings against these people nothing will change. It's no longer boom and bust for most of us, just bust.

We have these dreadful wars eating up the credit cards voraciously as well as the seed corn of our youth. The debilitating yoke of the EUSSR continues to drag us down. We dole out meagre sums we haven't got  to those we are soon to join in poverty. No solutions worth a candle are offered for our malaise. 

That pathetically ridiculous Union of thieves and vagabonds maintains its only capability. That of remaining blinkered and rotten to the core in hubristic luxury. Violin players all. When presented with an enforced common sense way, clamoured for by real people from Iceland, these halfwits cower with fear that their gangster friends might choose a retribution of their own. Certainly if the extortion, that is their ill gotten wealth, lent to the crooks in power, goes missing. Much of which actually has.

So as our Cobbleition ponces and poses, our well being the last thing on their minds, the "opposition" struts its 13 years of ignorance and failure as though they were gold medals, we are told our lot is to be gloomy or worse until 2020. Just note these items as the money printing begins to work in Government's favour and at our expense. Shameful but oh so predictable. Politicians, stupid to the core. 

If ever we needed wholesale change, it's now, Nigel.That or cake!

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