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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Should Know Better.

Those In Their Later Years.

I frequently rail at that which has been ruined in my life and Country by socialism and in particular, education. I predicted that efficiency and excellence would suffer in every walk of life but mainly in Government and politics.

When we read this morning of yet more fall out from the years of arrogance from the Labour government we can also see a common strand running through of not just "anything goes for votes" but the sheer pathetic nature of those placed in authority. Naturally these same people are now yanking the strings of the kids running, at least apparently, the show.

As the rather disappointing old duffer, Merv not a King, approaches his disgraced career end, those looking to step into his shoes are even more tainted with our lost wealth and pride. If we wish to be fair to the oldies, though, we must also point out the rather wealthy but still inept screwing the last drop of decency from us. Stealing our money via oppressive taxation is never enough for "them".

So we might expect at least one "oldie" in power to show the way. There is Ken the shoes in the Justice seat. 
Boris's spiritual role model. Well, we all know how good he has been. Has been the operative words. So if we have no older role models to emulate we really are in the mire, are we not? If you wish to focus on one of the younger and inept you might do worse than than visit TTC.  Makes my case for how badly the oldies have performed that such as he is now where he resides. Hardly inspirational is it?


  1. I saw in the papers this morning Ian Douglas Smith complaining about the Liebour bias at the BBC.This government came into power but all the Liebour appointees are still out there all unelected control everything. From that dreadful woman at the EU to Valerie Amos at the UN then you have the CPS Keir Starmer these are just a few all Liebour cronies. You have to ask the question why would a new government not want all these people removed but no there are still there.

    1. Thank you, Anon. I warned before the election that a Liebour placement programme was being carried out. It has proven correct but Ministers are so weak as to try slowly to change thease pecking orders. can't really be done 'cos they have, in the main, jobs for life.