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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Only One Possible Post Subject Today.

Afghanistan Treachery.

Today I am posting in bold as a "shout" of anguish for the awful news still filtering out of Afghanistan. Filtering under the cloak of some games or other. Apparently a venture worthy of similar financial cost to the billions deprived our military efforts in that wasteland of morality that is Afghanistan. 

The picture above is of the present high ruler of the international narcotics trade. A man protected by the living and the dead troops lent him by The West. In particular  The Boy Dave and the Islamist Obummer. 

Now Dave has a massive PR exercise to look after, for the reflected glory from those running, jumping, swimming and cycling activities rubbing the noses of the sink estates surrounding the glorious edifices to the fun London is presently enduring. I almost fell for it all myself, such is the power of brainwashing. Fortunately or not the latest news from around the globe got in the way.

Syria continues its bloody civil war. The old cold war adversaries are squaring up again, whilst the bloody hell that is our diplomatic crassness in Afghanistan gets ever worse. That William Hague, whose claim to glory was his "Just William" precocious appearance at one of Maggie's bashes, now heads that rump of Empire, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office,  rather makes my case. 

A case for how pathetically stupid and smug our Government is. We are not alone by any means. 
Treachery is a human trait in all those fighting for immoral purposes, as well as their own self determination for Government. Obummer will struggle to cling to power and the freebies,  if this goes on ever more frequently ,as his election parade grows towards its final reckoning.

USA notwithstanding, how poor and so disappointing is The Boy Cameron turning out.  He ignores petulantly and childishly those matters he finds irksome or of little PR value. Body bags, mutilated young people and corruption on an unimaginable scale are not his to occupy a juvenile intellect. 

The latest home grown scandal of charity funding misappropriation by his Civil Servants in the M.O.D can be read here.. There may be more than meets the eye to this story but fear not. Our Boy will not let this nastiness go remarked upon or given one second of his time. M.O.D matter and tossed into the long grass which now engulfs everything rotten about our Nation today.

As for the bankster and corporate presences in Afghanistan, what is there left to say. Bliar, Snotty and now that pathetic Toff, The Boy, a traitor to his ancestry as well as to the rest of us little people. Once we could expect our betters to show prowess on the battlefield, bravery and loyalty to their causes and to  those who fought with them. 

All of the three recent Prime Ministers have made John major look head and shoulders above them and Maggie the status of a Boadicea. I doubt Maggie would have had much time for the Karzai nastiness and the now well  documented corruption of the Troika of political, gangster, corporate ilk. 

Look long and hard as Afghanistan repeats its terrible history proudly trumpeting, nevertheless, the commitment to staving off foreign seekers after their poppy fields and  gold mines. Karzai, no doubt, has his billions salted away and an expensive escape plan in place. Probably Kensington and a share in Bliar's tax payer funded, millions a year, security protection.

Spare a thought, too, for the hundreds of family members suffering the return of wounded and terribly injured members, if they're "lucky". If not, then the remains of their loved ones quietly shipped home for hidden burial and no longer Wootton Bassett permitted public demonstrations of sadness and thanksgiving for their sacrifices. That spectacle manoeuvred expertly out of mainstream condemnation of those moronic idiots who would rule over us with such lack of and moral worthy competence. Shame on them all.

I close with a reminder of what should still be a dignified show of respect so shamefully cropped from our daily lives by the nastiness of Whitehall and Government immorality. Hateful, ghastly purveyors of treachery and greedy seekers after immortality, denied so many young, brave casualties to their rulers narcissism. 

Mr Cameron, you are a dismal failure for allowing this butchery to continue apace, whilst you still luxuriate in your own deluded state. Shame should be your bed's companion for the rest of your life. You and your less than adequate predecessors. You lot even deprived The Nation of this.


  1. If Afghanistan is really that rich they might soon be able to go in for foreign investment. So what will our government be selling them? The hospitals or the schools?

    1. Demetrius, I rather fear that hospitals, schools and any other facility geared toward the betterment of the human condition would be way down the list. The sale of arms and the encouragement of graft and corruption (headed by one Blair and smoothed by Mandelson, Cameron and their odious like) would be top of the list.

    2. I'm with Caratacus, Demetrius.

  2. "In Afghan's fields the poppies grow" evoking memories of our war dead from earlier conflicts. Afghanistan grows most of the world's opium and heroin, and has done year on year of this conflict How is it possible that America can pour billions of dollars into this benighted country and allow it to supply the world with its illegal drugs? A few light planes or a helicopter or two could have destroyed the entire crop year on year. But it didn't. How can that be? Where does all the drug money end up? and why are our soldiers sacrificed to enable this? What do our political class say about this?

    1. "Where does all the drug money end up?". Bailing out crooked bankers, IB.