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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

On So Many Levels.

We Are Betrayed.

A human trait Shakespeare explored at many lengths but one which never changes. It comes in all walks of life. Sexual, familial, economical and so forth. To suggest any one form is bigger or more significant than any other is not really possible. I suspect that it is only measured in the numbers hurt.

Since our world is becoming the toy of a few powerful groups, it follows that betrayal on their part must rank highly in any attempt to determine levels of deceit. At a smaller level we have National politics and those betrayals. Step forward today's Oldrightie nomination for arch betrayer of his nearest and dearest, shirt lifter by admission, debonair, man about town and BBC favourite, naturally, Simon Hughes.

Now boy oh boy does our lad have form. "He told me at his Westminster office: "I am perfectly willing to say that I have had both homosexual and heterosexual relationships in the past.
I hope that does not disqualify me from doing a good job in public life and I propose to carry on doing that with the usual enthusiasm and determination." . Taken from, here.

Now if this sexual orientation is perfectly acceptable in modern life, why do he and so many others choose to hide rather than flaunt it? So mixed up this proclivity seems to have only two gears, secrecy or blatant in your face pestering. Either way the rest of us are betrayed by whichever gear is selected!

Firstly shouldn't we know if they seek power over us? There is after all self interest as displayed by Lord Kiddy Fancier Mandy. The next step is coming in such betrayal, just you see.

Anyhow, back to Si. This morning he's chucked his toys out of the pram. Scenting a leadership coup round the corner, he seeks to marshal his 57 strong army, 33% of whom are ministers, in order to block electoral boundary reform. Now the gerrymandering has gone on for so many decades, particularly by Labour, it seemingly takes 50,000 votes to elect a Tory MP and 50 a Labour trough seeker. Some betrayal that.

Of course it also locks out the likes of UKIP and it looks more and more that's a betrayal sought to further the EU socialist demands for a totalitarian regime. I am certain our Si's confidantes in the Sir Humphrey tents will back him fully in this career seeking agenda. For these people treason was removed from the dictionary when requested by Brussels. Replaced by the words multi culturism.

I could write on this theme all day but it's a blog and must be shortish or lose out to boredom for hose gracious enough to visit. I will therefore close with this. Our Si and all of the cretinous inhabitants in Parliament, with a very few exceptions, are not in the Brutus mold. Here betrayal was regarded as right for Rome and for the overall good of a Nation and an Empire.

For Si, this inadequate, self regarding, pompous, self righteous and sheer arrogance is only a reflection of the rest of them. Not for this posturing gay icon the decency and normality of humbly representing his constituents.  Their reasonable interest in his private life was denied them and spun into a worthy and perfectly  OK way to operate. He deemed his predilections fine to lie about then cringingly seek the sympathy vote regardless of the number of times he smugly denied the truth. That is the betrayal for which he should have been loathed, not promoted.

Now look what we have telling us how our Country should be run. Run down and demolished by subterfuge and  political shenanigans, orchestrated by a mean spirited pal of his, long departed the public stage but desperate to return, that other foul LibDum, Mark Oaten. Now the BBC had this guy on QT a while back. There was I begging for one particular question to surface or a loo roll be tossed onto the platform. No chance, another betrayal!


  1. So they're all shits - quelle surprise!

    Just do not ever again vote for any Lib, Lab or Con candidates - it's the only thing they'll understand.