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Friday, 10 August 2012

No Representation.

Just Egoistic Indulgence.

Regardless of any other considerations the present state of Western society is no longer a democratic but an oppressed one. Taxation is one of the many ways this is manifested. The State seizes substantial earnings from its citizens and spends that money in a cavalier, careless manner. Representation as to how that might better be spent is just non existent. No better example of that can  be viewed here. 

Despite all the expenses claims, generous pensions and salaries and endless time off from busy bodying, the whole panoply, with very rare exceptions, is only representative of the selfish, egotistical arrogance of our elected bunch of comedy actors. Add into this mix the inadequate and rather weird senior civil servants from another planet and the notion of representative government is quickly disabused.

Of course the wretched EUSSR grip has much to do with this watering down of any semblance of democracy. In a rare snapshot of how people aren't really that stupid and if things were more decent and honest, they would have a better influence on the future than the ghastly elected crooks and traitors in power ever do. I'm writing of this  brilliant effort.  Now if we had a reasonable Government and truly representational Parliament,  this would immediately be heeded.

Sadly those pretending to be our reps are little more than grasping, greedy troughers who cannot wait for the completion of the EU federal gravy train to be the greater oppressor than they alone, nationally, can achieve. That a straw poll can show how utterly out of touch these representatives are, or pretend to be,  is some achievement. 

Naturally the real fear of those in power, throughout Europe, is their trying to complete their enslavement before the antipathy turns against them everywhere. Since reasonable efforts by the electorate, to tell them it's not what they want,  are totally ignored and pooh poohed, the eventual outcome of this ignoring and blind, ambitious, desire to oppress, can only end in  violence. That these buffoons pretend otherwise is quite remarkable. It is also very provocative and anger inducing.  Not least as shown in this linked piece.

I suspect that is not too far from erupting throughout Europe. When it is universal, not local, we might see some changes. We can but hope it will not be much longer before people have their say, not those who would rule so disgustingly and corruptly.

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