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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Multicultural Mayhem.

The Title Sounds Quite Gentle.

This beautiful image from a building of significant antiquity now towers over a landscape rotten to the core. I have often said that, regardless of faith, the teachings of Christ remain a magnificent yardstick by which the human being can seek to live a good and decent life. That is just not, in anyway shape or form, arguable.

What is debatable is the manner, over the centuries and up to this very second,  that religion is easily hijacked by those who would dominate and abuse anything to suit their own agendas and nefarious purposes. So in Amiens.  Is it not despicable, in this modern age of communication, that these events, like anything not suited to the New World Order and EUSSR goals, are unreported or at least suppressed? 

The British despotic Government of pathetic clowns apparently have threatened to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy to arrest, or should that be arrange to be caught in the cross fire, an individual who has been able to garner secrets they fear disclosure of.

Perhaps those secrets show how the Islamification of the West is only for their own ends. The destruction of the white, intelligent middle-classes, is the blueprint to ensure their path to total dominance, by a select bunch of madmen, is made easier. Pol Pot political philosophy?

I guess we may never know the depths to which these moronic believers in their own superiority will go. Yet this medium of the Internet and the skills of a man such as Assange must be a thorn in their side, or even an unexploded suicide belt, as far as "they" are concerned. Who knows? All I can suggest is that riots and disturbances throughout The EUSSR are not without some connection to the secrets or potential exposure Assange might be capable of.

Of course his real difficulty is that he is now holed up in an Embassy with big links to the South American Cartels. Since they are now part of the G20, albeit unofficially, one might assume that his protective asylum choice will have other connected issues for keeping him under their wing. 

Of course if The Cartels have a desire to use his skills and potential knowledge of US and Western secretive plans, for loosening the Drug Barons' influences, over the economic bail outs these ghastly politicians happily grabbed in 2007, that really is potentially explosive. 

OK, I've strayed away from France and its developing calamitous rioting by Muslim cuckoos seeking, with official permission, new nests. A desire to occupy, like that rather nasty bird, at the fatal cost of the young turfed out. "The Common Cuckoo is a brood parasite; it lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. At the appropriate moment, the hen cuckoo flies down to the host's nest, pushes one egg out, lays an egg and flies off. The whole process takes about 10 seconds. A female may visit up to 50 nests during a breeding season. Common Cuckoos first breed at two years old." wikipedia.

Like those predators in nature, economic migrants are easily able to exploit the parents of the deceased young. So much so that those parents happily embrace the newcomer as their own. They feed and nurture at the expense of their own race and endeavour to create a World of total control. Sheer madness.

Of course it has historically been very successful and brought about the super power that is The USA. That is if you are prepared to tolerate what happened with the nesting habitual genocide that was necessary. If the European citizens wish to allow their subjugation to be completed their model of life thereafter may be studied via the North American Indians' lot of today.

Not a particularly comfortable lifestyle choice to be so vilified and disadvantaged in the lands of ones forebears. However, is it that far fetched to make such comparisons for the Europe of today? The one major difference is the numbers involved. That means internal strife and possible centuries of civil war to conclude whether the cuckoo wins, or the endemic birds survive and rebuild their savaged nesting grounds.

Despite being fought over in two world wars, Amiens Cathedral survived with only minor damage. It is with some interest as to whether it will survive the will of the Islamic passion for religion to destroy Nation Statehood. A desire shared with the NWO crew. The possible victory this destruction of natural human instinct for tribal protection would bring is fascinating. If it were to triumph Amiens would be just one edifice to be lost among many hundreds of thousands. 

The Vatican would become either a Mosque or a concentration camp! The era of the dissolution of the Monasteries in British History would be but a playlet cameo! OK, I'm going overboard here but you hopefully get my gist! I will continue to pray for Assange. Whatever his shortcomings he's a brave man who must have realised where his efforts to expose the fraudsters in power might lead.

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