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Sunday, 26 August 2012

It's Not All Doom.

The Human Spirit.

My blog is, in the main, a constant and justifiable whinge and anger towards the cretinous, ghastly individuals who would be superior. So after a hard but rewarding week I thought I would have a crack at sharing it. Now Mrs OR is always concerned at the fact she opens the garden for the NGS. She says it's a fine line between showing off and being magnanimous. 

She then says that her Macmillan charitable donations are why. That when she woke after over 12 hours of dreadful surgery it was a Macmillan nurse by her side to comfort and explain what had gone on. She wants that to be available for others, hence the open garden.

Now back to last week. I went flying as part of my new, part time employment. It was terrific. Low level over the Channel with a dear friend and a newly met pilot in charge. Nowhere near as good an airman as me! Anyhow it was a very successful flight for my Buddy and his new technology and bodes well for all of us involved.

Last weekend I spent in Germany and now entertaining a couple from some 40 years back for this weekend. Last night we had a meal of spectacular excellence and a very good night cap(s)! To top it all this morning is pure sunshine.

Now I'm back to Mrs OR's question. How close am I to boasting of my great life and good fortune or making observations that are good for others to share? Well, I rather hope my visitors will enjoy and catch a touch of this joie de vivre. It won't last the dreadful burden of being governed so badly.

As August enters its final week we face the imposition of incompetence, via the EUSSR, that awaits us. My brief happy time will easily be trampled all over by inflation and misery. Soon this over populated island will revert to its daily diet of dead soldiers in a forgotten and unwinnable war, economic, self inflicted melt down and all of the ghastly child molesting, Asian grooming, Yardie gang  mess we have had to accept.

So the one shining light is that which can burn brightly in us all. The spirit that helps us endure hardship and love being alive. It doesn't need money and material wealth, albeit they are good to have. All it requires is to be comfortable in our own skins. 

For me this has only just become possible. It's not easily described and it's not perfect, when sadnesses and despair are just as likely to overwhelm this feeling. Yet one thing is never far away. Friendship, family, if lucky and the shared existence of looking at nature, gardens and the potential joys of being alive are always available. The essence of life shines from the spirit. When recognised and carefully tendered there can be no prison, no jailer. Just the inner freedom of self. For those denied the closeness to that well being, I wish at least one moment of realisation may come their way, even if it comes at death's door. Well, those that deserve it, there are many, unfortunately, who do not.


  1. My dear OR, what you describe is not boasting .. not in the least. A diet of reading of the awful things perpetrated by the Ungodly unleavened by a sprinkling of good things would be a bitter repast indeed.

    I leant long ago that to rail constantly against fate and the sins of others would be time-consuming and ultimately a waste. The simple appreciation of the company of special people in one's life, the sound of a child's laughter or the song of a bird on a Spring morning, the first sip of a pint of beer after a hard day - these are the things for me. Not the constant bloody honking from the Polly Toynbees, the Harmans, and all the other scaled merchants of misery who seek to depress us on a daily basis.

    So tell us all OR! I only ever had one flying lesson (officially) and found it delightful. Only disgraced myself once when I asked if the buttons on the hand-controls were for cannon, and was told (after something of a pensive stare from the pilot) that they were for operating the radio .... there is an inner child in us all, you know :-)

    Mrs OR should have no qualms; the very fact that she is alive to the possibility indicates to me that there is no danger whatsoever of showing off. If I were any nearer I would be beating a path to her wonderful garden!

    1. Delightful comment Caractacus.

      I was going to say something cynical but you rescued me from that.

      Great post. You cheered me up.


    2. Paul, I am privileged the likes of Caratacus often pop by this blog. As I hope you will continue to do so.

    3. Caratacus, many, many thanks for your always welcome support and comments. Mrs OR was most flattered as am I.

  2. OR, it seems that no matter how many times your faithful readers may say it, you seem not to understand :-) it is us who should be grateful for the opportunity to share..

    Since the sad loss of Captain Haddock a few weeks ago, the reminder of one's own mortality has been thrown sharply into focus for me once again. I feel the loss more keenly than I can say and have realise that to make the most of the friendships I have been privileged to make over the last few years is the only course a sensible chap may take.

    KBO - that's what I say .. ! And take the unrelenting piss out of the political cockerels as they strut about their little dunghills of course ... says so in Scriptures :-)