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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Is Socialism Evil?

In It's Followers Yes.

This fell neatly into my lap on the very morning after reading and observing this cretin hog yet more self flagellating and hubristic nastiness to fuel his privileged and oh so pathetic angst. How these moronic and slavish followers of equality for all, privilege for the many and the poor can write this drivel and feel the terrible poverty for those they would steal votes from is beyond me.

Unlike this smug and ghastly self absorbed, very privileged idiot and atheist I knew what Thursday before pay day meant. A blow out on the preceding Sunday if you were lucky trailed the scrapings of the bread and dripping bowl a few days later. Darned socks if you had wool available, holes if not. School uniform meant to be adjusted and cut to last two or three years of growth and embarrassment.

Meanwhile education was a life saver. Excellence and discipline ruled. Of course it wasn't perfect but the natural way of human nature fitted the ambitious and the hard done by and resulted in a significant standard of social mobility. Christian teaching was used as a yardstick and as a way to live and think among others sharing those ideals if not that religion. For the lucky, pompous numpties like this, it was not good enough, however and we embarked on the wholesale destruction of those opportunities once there for all prepared to take them.

The soul mates in the Trades Unions and the Scargills garnered these well educated but stupid people in the wrecking spree of the once great industrial base we prospered from. Sure change was inevitable and would have occurred but at a pace more sensible and less impatient than the one which has led us to this terrible society.

Miller wrings his hands about his grandchildren going to private school, in The Sunday Times this morning. Not one nod or brief consideration that it  is and was his kind, his pathetic produce of a "privilege with conscience", very nice life style that has brought us the nightmare he now acknowledges. Not for he or his Labour Party  Harman, Prescott, Kinnock and now the Transylvania terrible Milibad twins "do as we say not as we do" unpleasant crowd.

Note how not one of them sticks to their so called principles. They want we socially mobile people to sell our homes and live in tiny rooms to make way for the feckless produce of their pathetic ideals. So vociferous and influential in demolishing the aspirations of those who clawed their way to a decent life but failed to reach the lowlands of Miller's privileged good fortune.

These people are so very nasty and so very dangerous. To protect and nurture their perceived superiority hypocrisy is employed in very large measure. His son is a BBC placement and the nepotism here is allowed free access to a position denied your comprehensive ambition unless those who consider themselves special are served.

How almost amusing if not so terrible is this thinking. If they really believed in equality their place in our society would not be as comfortable as the second homes in Tuscany, wealthy, self congratulatory, BBC junketing and Chequers frequenting allows. No hair shirts for this bunch. Hair shirt minds that scratch with anxiety only as far as not letting the great unwashed torture their precious, privileged and rich offspring. One can only hope the cocaine snorting will get them in the end.

Genuine social conscience is just a bit of recreational chess for this lazy, idle thinking that has condemned millions of kids, since the early sixties, to the hell of Britain's ever growing sink estates and underclass. This man is at the forefront of a hypocritical establishment that now is ensuring their offspring follow the same despicable path to self-righteous double standards. The Orwellian Generals of the future, if not now, the present. Bet he loves The EU!


  1. Well written OR, I totally concur

  2. ***claps*** wonderful rant OR, one of your best.

  3. Thank you both, most kind and generous!