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Thursday, 30 August 2012

If They Spent Less.

As The More Sensible Public Are Doing.

Note the suffered word used in the linked article. If Governments stopped their profligacy and greed, reduced taxes then consumers would have more real earnings to spend. This drop in borrowing and debt accumulation should be welcomed.

Unfortunately when Governments have squandered future generations earnings to secure massive debt and spending now, growth is all they have to service debt. No growth, more debt. It's a vicious circle which needs better than the imbeciles who got us here can manage to break. 

Now if Government spending really fell, taxes were also made fairer and people allowed to determine where the money went, we might have a chance. Trouble is too many vested interests, in Government generosity with our money, would suffer. Can't have that, can we? More tea Vicar?

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