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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hush, It's The Olympics.

Sex, Drugs And Rock And Roll.

Not a whisper from the BBC propaganda machine or a hint from Seb and his new best pal, The Boy Dave. Far from it. As with the opening extravaganza, British modern culture is to be lauded front stage this very evening. The Spice girls will totter in ably aided and abetted by the likes of the trio pictured.

I guess one might say their inclusion is exactly how we have become. They are shining lights to the young generations, a tribute to the athletes emulating their recreational habits to assist in the pursuit of fame and money from chemical enhancement. . Not only will the sports equipment suppliers have their Olympic spin offs to pump up the slave, child, labour output, the narcotics suppliers will also see a massive investment return on the British celebration of the addled core of this way of life.

The unrelenting, inane commentaries may go a touch quieter but probably the verbal diarrhoea will continue onto the hallowed  and religious modern temples that are football stadia. The self congratulatory and persistent brain washing will go on unabated. Only the elephants in the room that are the endemic habits now so entrenched yet skilfully bypassed and not a word is ever said.

Despite the heavily promoted, gushing genuflections to the  excellence of the supportive crowds trust me, there will be another side. Hundreds of stories of jobsworths, nightclub bouncers selectivity and the hidden but significant trade in little white packets, offered and accepted in ever greater quantities, may never  get told yet will have been as big a part of this jamboree as any gold medal winning performances.

As expected, we have enjoyed a festival of sport and a touch of the old British ways but as much has been manipulated as has been genuine. As the day's events wind down and that lot already mentioned take to the stage, I shall be hiding from the real baseness these cretinous celebrities represent.

It will be a big sigh of relief for those looking to exploit this event,  that the reality, the child abuse, Asian grooming, "honour killings",  poverty, overcrowding and the real state of not so Great Britain remained hidden from the rest of the world. For The Boy to pretend that somehow this has changed the awfulness of this broken Country, is a blatant inability to know or understand what the political classes, such as he represents, have done.

All the sycophantic praise heaped by the IOC crowd is really a big fat thank you for covering up the corruption and scandal they enjoy so much. The shameful; exploitation, corporate hospitality and rank criminal behaviour, all put in a box.

A wonderful achievement when we think back to what really goes on behind the scenes. Do you think and believe it's changed? From way back then to just a short while ago it runs very deep and worth millions to various individuals.

The closing ceremony will bring little closure to the victims affected by the greed, corporate exploitation and the cynical nastiness of the modern age. So sad.

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  1. Boy, OR, you were spot on. A mixture of old and new celebrity addicts with plonker Brand leading the stagger. Even Coe looked spaced out and unable to wear his specs off the end of his nose. Abysmal but sill lauded to the skies embarrassment.