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Monday, 27 August 2012

How Are The Hols?

What Does It Take To get Through To The Loonies In Charge?

Something like this in the forgotten land of Afghanistan is now rarely commented on. No blithering rubbish spouted by Vague Hague or his boss bravely pretending to relish his "staycation" to milk PR value. No doubt planning his real holidays on some exotic private Island or mate's boat.

How poor our political characters' intellects are these days. Chubby, above, seems oblivious to the world around him. So happy to let the Mandarin classes rule the roost while he fattens his corpulence and preens his perceived status as a World leader.

It no longer appears to matter whatever awfulness comes our way. The Boy and the rest of them blithely play their games and enjoy their lot, at our expense, whilst the consequences of their impotent games get ever more deadly. What is to be done? Elections no longer count for anything more than a shuffling of chairs and rearranging of titles. Just as in the USA, nowadays.

We have a system run by the unelected and shadowy Commission in Brussels. Our Parliament is little more than a theatre where the audience is made up of the cast and their friends, for the mutual, Bercow like, smirking  and strutting so beloved of tiny minds and challenged statures. This cosy, ineffectual and so expensive, club is rotten to the core. If only the euro would hasten its demise and this dreadful edifice that is the EUSSR be dismantled, maybe then we could begin to recover so much that worked well when real people and their vote counted for something.


  1. who the fuck is that..Tony Hadley?

  2. He'd rather you thought of it as his Silvio Berlusconi look, he's heard he is a bit of one for the laydees.

    1. Especially red heads I believe, Granville.

  3. Obviously not a stranger to the biscuit barrel ... I would have thought that all those miles jogged and cycled would have turned him into a lean, mean fighting machine by now :-)

  4. This is the problem MPs stopped caring about what's going on in out country years ago.You will have read in the last few days a yob who beat up a pensioner spared jail because jail terrified him. Then a father who took a yob to the police station after he shot his son with a pellet gun was himself arrested.
    These criminals are been encouraged to make people lives as difficult as possible.The law now favours the scum and persecutes the innocence.The Government has turned against us we are to be enslaved its all to do with 'Common Purpose' which are taken over all council courts ect. Look it up makes chilling reading.