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Friday, 31 August 2012


Real Legislation For Real People.

How amazing  the law has for once come down on the side of the decent and average people. The left and its gross ideology, that we are all the bloody same, drives me witless. There are good and evil people in every section of socio-economic groups.

The quality of those determined to "squat" in someone else's property are not usually of the tidy or salubrious mind set. Their careless, slovenly, selfish and arrogant manipulation of self inflicted poverty, in the main, beggars belief. Until we reward effort and commitment to the socially aware. Until we pay careful attention to the damage that lazy and dirty lack of hygienic living places at risk everybody's health and well being, we are only going backwards.

Even out in the beautiful countryside litter, fouling and filthy habits are apparent. Messing your own nest is not just pathetic for one's own and family's welfare and health it jeopardises all of us. I am constantly astounded that we are yet to experience a major, dangerous, epidemic when the lack of educational effort to teach cleanliness and sensible good practice in our schools is no longer considered.

I guess this "squatting" and shed dwelling culture has quite a hold now but a little redress is better than none. Including  this initiative. Now the Stupidoftheleft intellectual snobbery will go ballistic. Naturally only as far as not offering homes to all and sundry. "Hey, kids, Labour Cabinet Ministers would offer their homes for squatters at no charge",  is not something hypocrites on the left or anywhere else, will ever hear. Come on Harriet, Never Reddy Red, Bliar, et al,  prove me wrong. You, too Mandy, Prezza?

Just to be balanced, here, the Tory upper crust aren't much better, are they? Our Tim's a tiny touch, troughily hypocritical  Big Time!

Have a great weekend.

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