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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


BBC Language Jargon.

Experts at being experts. As the hype begins to wear thin and the BBC's disparate bunch of has beens and wannabes continue to foam at the mouth with faux excitement am I alone in failing to see the sporting side of the Games? 

Daley, blow job for the media before ever showing more than a teenager's Olympian obsession with puberty and girls on tap. A pretty boy blown into a giant of the sporting aquatic arena only to fizzle out, knackered at nineteen, by the unhealthy exploitation of dubious celebrity.

That aside, I'm utterly sick of the BBC's awful presentation. Turnbull smugly believing his "Tell us how it feels (to be sickeningly asked repetitive crap by thickos but rich arses like us). Football pundits pretending to understand the nuances of Cycle road racing. Farmer boy gooingly lyrical as he struggles to repeat the words fed in his ear and still sound natural. It really is a love in of the most hideous, self-congratulatory kind.

Dear Lord, these cretins are paid hundreds of thousands to pretend their use of various jargonistically  derived language is somehow their construct and generously handed out for participants to use. Plus for we idiot and ignorant viewers to marvel at their encyclopaedic knowledge which puts Wikipedia to shame.

That 90% of this drivel is piped into their less than delicate ears is supposed to fool us all. However the sameness across the board is so blatantly obvious even the thickest chav must have a clue, be bored and switch off.

"How must, does, did, do you feel at being marmalised in the dive, Tom,". Losing out to tenth spot must have hurt?", "Wow the studio is lit up with silver gilt", preens Turnbull. Mrs Tindall put him in his place, mind, when she reposted that she was gutted by her mistake that cost them gold. Sycophant par excellence then blamed her horse. Banal idiot on speed prick.

As for the language. Nobody competes or races anymore. They all "go". What a pathetic word that infects presenters and competitors alike. Wiggins goes in the time-trial, Daley will go again in the individual diving. Team GB goes down in the medal table is possibly OK, because that is an actual journey. A race or event is not a journey, it's a competition to which you may journey to enter. Maddening. 

Then there are the hushed and reverent tones of "experts" introduced to spell us from the ridiculously out of their comfort zone "presenters". Immediately they spout some technical word it is seized upon by the presenter and an attempt is then made to "own" it.

F1 is the bloody same. Q2 has replaced the comic "Qually2" which I suspect the drivers rather placed in the minds of the Chatterati  as a jape. Wally of the qually, perhaps? Then there is Coulthard. Why he's commentating and not down with the engineers completely re-designing the cars is beyond me. His technical understanding knows no limits and bores me rigid with its dull, monotonous delivery. Nice enough guy but lost at sea in the "box".

Still he is a BBC favourite so I mustn't be too harsh. he might even replace that brain dead Turnbull on the Sofa. Could be a vast improvement!

As for the competitors when interviewed. If "absolutely" were to become a profanity they would be lost. As for  "Well, yes, like, well I mean, absolutely, fantastic like, I never imagined it would be anything like.....". So what was all the years of training and effort all about? Did none of you imagine the goodies, the perks, the luxury, the sponsorship deals? The possible "expert" commentary fees in years to come? Talk about those hopes and dreams, how lucky you are. A myriad of responses brought down to "Well, like, I mean..."!

Still, I'll be rooting for Wiggy this afternoon.I quite enjoy Hugh Porter and Boardman. Definitely not the usual BBC fodder. Independent and expert SKY/ITV guys. Brought in for their experience, knowledge and lack off BBC London based pretentiousness! People in touch with their target audience and no desire to stray into populism for its own sake. We deserve more of them.


  1. I am heartily sick of this team Gee Bee nonsense, it should be Great Britain or United Kingdom.

    1. I fully agree, Tony. Plus I think your kind visit and comment might be the fastest ever on this blog!

  2. You're welcome. The sooner this expensive sports day is history the happier I shall be. I have no objection to the sports but I do think they should just turn up with their kit and a tent and primus stove, camp out, compete in their race, collect their medal or not and go back to to whence they came.

    Interestingly primus is highlighted as a spelling error (twice now). I think that says it all. Keep posting OR


    1. "Keep posting OR". With such support I have no difficulty doing so, Tony.

  3. I wonder what Tebbs Lloyd Johnson would have made of this, see Wikipedia. He once competed in a five mile walk at a works sports day when I competed in the egg and spoon race while it was going on.

    1. Hi, Demetrius, I believe you were up to a touch of gamesmanship in your early racing (egg) days!