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Friday, 3 August 2012

Great Britain.

Credit And Loss.

I am a very saddened and angry person. One who blogs to relieve and for those who care, to endeavour to show the dreadful lurch towards a world government. A statist aim the bankers, corporate and Mafia allied crooks and their handmaidens in politics, seek to impose on those not prepared to fight against them.

So where the games are concerned we have a perfect contrast between two classes of people. The Hunt like robots cloned via excrement and cheating and the ordinary but brilliant sports men and women, supported by dedicated coaches and backed by afficiendos drawn from all walks of life. 

Despite the ghastly goings on  impacting on the economic and forecast debacle by the cretinous bureaucrats at LOCOG and the Mayor's Office, the sport is as ever proving the power and might of the athletes and their dedication. Sure the long arm of corruption and political, corporate influence reaches into all corners but the fact remains, the dedication and effort to become a world and or Olympic Champion sill requires great effort and mental strength.

Just look at the competitors, the sportsmanship, the odd exception proving the rule, marvel at their sheer human excellence. Then contrast they to the weak, ineffectual failure of those lesser beings, who purport to run the show! I know which group I admire and think well of. I just wish we had a Bradley Wiggins or Denise Lewis type of excellence and character in Government. 

Someone with the backbone and capability to turf out the rubbish in our bureaucracy and replace them with excellence and an unselfish dedication to do well by others. After a slow start our British team is doing very well. A Great Britain to be proud of. Forget the petty calls for the break up of The Union and glory in what a United Kingdom can achieve together.

All we need is the same excellence in Parliament we have in the sports arenas. Sadly, fat chance, since those who can, do, the rest go into politics. Still, well done GB, keep it up and give us back some of the pride, in living in this beautiful land. One those who would rule Europe and the world wish to take away.


  1. If there were medals for swimming in slime, conspiring against the people, or climbing the greasy pole, we'd have a few winners.
    Full respect to our "Team GB" athletes.

    1. In the manner of deceit, arrogance and puerile uselessness our politicians would rule the Planet, Bullo.