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Thursday, 9 August 2012

FFS Do Something!

Other Than Travel.

Summits almost daily, holidaying whilst mayhem and war vie with  economic malaise yet this new World Order seems impotent and pathetic in accepting its failure to get anywhere but down.

We have a large percentage of Western Countries locked into failed and recessionary slumps. The movers and shakers have got us, or at least themselves, locked into unholy alliances with mobsters and have left each other, the EU idiots in particular but don't discount the White House, in a fearful place. One where retribution for failed promissory deliverance, of the billions borrowed, means a forfeiture somewhat more personal than from duped and lied to electorates. 

Now these alliances were forged between the cash rich cartels of the gangster, drug trade besotted, barons and the bankers and politicians, whose abject economic woeful adventures, for the sake of selfish power grubbing egoism, led them into the welcoming arms of the unsavoury money hoarders. 

Trapped, unable to raise funds easily and looking towards hyper inflation to rob the populaces, our lot still have short term debts to service,  to those they so readily turned  in 2007  but are now in hoc to. Now there are still the intellectual games to pretend they still can play. Global wars and conflicts to manage, as ever badly, together with the posturing pretence necessary to kid their citizens they have everything under control.

Of course they do not. So what's to be done? Well, internal civil unrest and conflict can be a deterrent to the gangsters, where their own brutality might become so commonplace, their monopoly on fear might well be threatened. Trouble is we see in the Middle east how that is disastrous for all and in particular the innocents and children sacrificed in these brutal events. 

Another route which could be followed is a root and branch weeding out of all those in business, banking, politics and bureaucratic regimes such as The EU, who are tainted by association, embezzlement and corruption on a grand scale. Accountability and retribution with the establishment forced to bow to the will of ordinary people and forced to do something positive or quit. 

Now there was such an event in the first half of the twentieth  century. A little chap from nowhere built a political machine which swept them to power and offered a Nation self respect and prosperity. One they still have crafted today in a different manner. Now that took a world war to recover from. 

So anyone looking to replicate such a recovery for a Nation would need to take heed and learn from history. Not a strong point with our know alls like Bliar and company. Then there are the establishments own obstacle course to negotiate. Yet an overwhelming popular leader with a powerful mandate can achieve miracles as well as disasters. Sweep away the torpor and memes blighting our lives and economies. 

It could be done but would take a population prepared to vote for it and that is something "they" seem to have infected with indolence, laziness and brainwashed inability to realise what's required. Back to the drawing board and pray that somebody might grow a pair and DO something, for which they are so unjustly rewarded in their failure! A radical such something for the UK would be to dismantle the EUSSR. See what I mean?  

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