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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Banking And Fraud.

Well, Immorality.

Now I am only displaying these two close friends as examples. Snotty and Victor conspired to wreck Lloyds TSB and save RBS for purely political ends. Now one might regard this as a "why not?" scenario, shrug shoulders and remark to oneself,  "Sh*t happens." In the old days of politics being more circumspect where morality and honour was concerned that reaction would have had a small amount of merit. Or  at least be debatable.

Well, times have changed. Even back in 2008 the switch to more lucrative yet now proven dubious appointments was in full swing. The Rt Hon Ruth Kelly MP, Secretary of State, Department for Transport, October 2008, nipped over to this little number, Senior Manager Strategy, Global Businesses, HSBC, Europe. Along with that appointment we learn from  ACOBA  that Lazards took into its fold Lord Of All Kiddyfiddlers, Mandleson.  One of their many lizards, no doubt. Looking at Snotty's pal, Victor, one wonders what exchanges of favours those two managed over the years, too?

As a matter of interest our Vic is now residing here, not disgraced but still lauded by the Establishment. Go on, tell me this is how it all works and stop being boring. Sure its just the way it is and we should all quietly doff our caps and curtsy. Just as Labour in power loves us all to do.

Easy to say and to ignore. Why bother? Simply because this cosy cartel has embraced the most decadent evil we can imagine. Torture, murder, intrigue and horror are,  at the moment, not happening in our back gardens. Give it time. As the sink estates swell ever wider so their impact will get ever closer to the more affluent and cosy Chatterati ghettoes of privilege.

The reason for this will be the manner the new found soul mates of this crowd are now ensconced in the hallowed halls of power. The drug cartels, gangsters and protection racketeers are now shoulder to shoulder with corporate and political supremos. The evidence of these relationships, trailed by this blog from day one, is now coming thick and fast. Standard Charter, LloydsTSB, Barclays,  HSBC are just those making headlines.

If we believe, given the incestuous relationships, globally, of all these people, that not all of them are as bent as it gets, we're mad. Global dominance by a favoured few requires the drug lords and their foot soldiers as much as Wellington needed his dragoons. Yet in all this nastiness, cruelty of people trafficking and its associated child exploitation and in many cases, enforced addiction, where are the politicians of decency and integrity?

The USA authorities seem to have some teeth, given the investigative processes bringing some Banksters to book but even this seems to be diverting attention from those resident in Wall Street. That's a joke. Their culpability is as devout as any others. I suspect what is going on is pure realignment of allegiances, political posturing and behind it all a desire to retain more of the hoarded drug billions going elsewhere.

So, I ask once more. As these scandals break the condemnation from Downing Street and Whitehall is a deafening silence. There are two reasons for this. Fear of retribution from the adopted godfather parentage or fear of losing the fortunes garnered from souls sold to the highest bidders. (Our William Hague?).  One thing is certain, there will be a day of reckoning. How or when that will come, who knows but it will. After all the Vatican presided over a bridge suspension  did it not?

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