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Thursday, 12 July 2012

You Really Couldn't make It Up!

The Bureaucratic Comedy Show.

G4S, the very same crony staffed organisation that lets prisoners escape on a regular basis were "given" the very lucrative contract to operate security  for the Olympic Games cock up fest! True to form and their bureaucratic credentials, reinforced by the" retired" backgrounds of its board. Paul Condon and Claire Spottiswoode being just two of them. Here we find detail of some of the incompetence at the top beloved of this Government, Whitehall favoured bidder of all things iffy.

I weep for the spirit I grew up with that The Olympic games was all that was best about human endeavour. People from all walks of life striving to be the best at competitive but honourable sport. Slowly politicians and their bureaucratic and pro corporate Sir Humphrey cronies hijacked them. Now we have the "sporting" professionals taking part, sponsorship and corporate rape abounds.

I have neighbours going to see the Games. They retain the excitement that should prevail but how quickly that will be stifled when the draconian and botched security kicks in. Trust me, the "jobs worthies" will run the show big time. Woe betide any impatient and hard done by spectator complaining. Just as in our airport cattle pens the disproportionate responses will be harsh.

Two weeks to go and a monumental cock up becomes public. The pathetic yuckspeak kicks in. "It is appropriate" says some pathetic junior clerk of a minister, James Brokenshire. Well a good name to spout the rubbish handed him by his department morons in the Civil Service. Two weeks to go and Tessa "Mafia accountant widow" Jowell wrings her hands.  Unbelievable.,  

Yet so many of us watched this latest Labour Government initiative, to look cuddly, with horror. Jowell was honoured for something yet to be delivered and proof of how mad our so called rulers are. A Civil Service of grasping wannabe billionaires, struggling to achieve parity of earnings whilst stranded in a stale job of their own choosing. It gives me no pleasure to say I told you so.

We have a socialist state and central power in Brussels. One thing such left wing stifling ideology cannot do is organise efficiently emotional behaviour in those it suppresses. Only draconian intervention in human existence can achieve their ideas of how Utopia should be seen. One of many examples here.

These Games are turning out to be an Olympian success in only one way. That is to highlight the paucity of well educated talent, squandered through over 50 years of Socialist Government measures and destruction of our educational and economic welfare. Never questioned, let alone repealed, by the alternative options. Now troops are being asked, with less than 14 days to go, to dash to rescue Seb and his  pals in G4S. 

Neither Lord Of Bugger All Coe nor his patronage will be one penny shy of bonuses or cash bungs. Nor will any future vilification or punishment be theirs to suffer. After all, if incompetence and  waste of public money were  criminal actions we might be the richest nation on earth for the convictions of those so deserving.

More pop corn please!


  1. Another great post alas few are interested I just saw Conman sorry Lord Condon is on £125k a year.
    I bet that's hard earned. The whole country is now corrupted companies like G4s are just milking the taxpayer with the connivance of the government.
    Did you know the newly appointed Inspector of Constabulary Tom Winsor was an adviser to this company. His job now will be to farm out as much police work on huge contracts to this firm.
    Lincolnshire Police has awarded a £200m contract to G4S

    1. Many thanks, GS. As the post title says, you couldn't make it up. Still, it surely can't go on without an eventual "Bastille" day?

  2. It's already a great success at extracting money from the public. That's the important thing. All that running and jumping is just an irrelevant excuse, and it really doesn't matter whether or nor it happens, or whether some or all of those watching it are killed. Most probably all the security bollocks is just another excuse for extracting still more money on false pretenses.

    1. How much longer will the daylight robbers get away with it Odin's Raven?