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Friday, 13 July 2012

The Wrecking Crews.

Well, The UK Based.

The incompetents  abound and are constantly growing. Straight out of the "Twelve Twelve" satire which rivals "Yes Minister" for the accurate portrayal of illiterate buffoons paid colossal salaries. This one is lauded and I quote from the link, “Not that this is much of a problem for either Hone, the ODA’s chief executive, or his colleagues. As things stand, everything appears to be going smoothly, with Locog slowly taking over facilities from the ODA ahead of next July’s opening.”

Now The Slog  gives us some real hard stuff. I choose to highlight how this Mandarin club of imbecilic patronising and unwholesome nastiness and greed for control screw us blind by the minute. This Olympic delivery Quango is a joke. The guy at its head is on £300k plus of our money, to preside over a circa £60million quid up front payment to G4S. This non-entity of a boring bureaucrat has failed abysmally and in the same league as Bob The Banker Diamond.

Don't hold your breath he'll quit, though. Post the Olympic Shambles he'll be nudged into a peerage and a plethora of offers for his connections in high places. His credentials for competent efficiency will be irrelevant. The breathless admiration will be for how the fuck does such a clown get to this elevated position and please sprinkle some of that dust our way.

Now multiply this character many thousandfold throughout The UK Whitehall Clubs and Brussels Brothels  where these cretinous creatures prostitute our Nations and long lost wealth and there's your answer to the mess we are in. Their solution is more of the same "going forward". What the heck is wrong with the word "future"? The other buzz word beloved of this bunch is "delivery". Milk is delivered, management is supposed to manage. Just listen too "Twelve Twelve" to get the manic and circus clown atmosphere that prevails.

We need a revolution and a wholesale clearance of the mandarin class and their ridiculous minions, who hang on every word and ape their peerless pricks. All the while desperate to gain favour and promotion to the waiting lists of endless Quangos. Give me strength. Never mind sweeping away hereditary peers, we could do with a new generation of Knights with balls!

As for the unimaginable pillocks in this ridiculous waste of billions of pounds, this is so accurate as to what is being "delivered", "going forward" into the history of going backwards.


  1. Um, might it be "Twenty Twelve"? So that's all good then. My thing is the Stan and Ollympics.

  2. I appreciate that you're angry OR but sadly your posts are just preaching to the converted and will have zero effect.
    Well that's not true.
    You actually cause more problems because you help to harvest info for tptb.
    I was lucky enough to see The Royal Marine Commandos yesterday ( climbing in the Highlands) and know that they will step in and stop this nonsense that we have to suffer at the moment.
    So things aren't totally hopeless yet.

    1. George, a military coup and Liz having some real power to stop this awful slide into a totalitarian Red ED dictatorship would be fantastic.