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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Where To Start?

So Much To Ponder.

A kind comment I once received about blogging was that the poster was admiring of how bloggers write day in day out on all kinds of different matters. It was wondered how this is done. Sometimes one does feel a nervousness about being repetitive and constantly grumpy. However I never find there is a dearth of subject matter.

Just today we are embroiled in something many of us have highlighted for years, banking fraud. We bang on about the New World Order that considers political, banking and criminal liaisons perfectly OK if they are united in the goal of one World dictatorship by a privileged few. We watch and listen to the children who run politics in this modern era and despair. The Boy's infant Treasury Minister paraded before Paxman to show us the dearth of maturity and experience shown by the career politics of ambitious idlers.

Yup, there is rarely a quiet moment or lack of subject matter. Indeed it is sometimes hard to decide where to go or where to choose a topic, so great is the volume of incompetence and fraud. Once the privileges of birth or good fortune, academic endeavour and sheer hard work ruled the destiny of individual success. Honour was something to uphold. Fairness and philanthropy were put before greed and dominant, selfish hectoring so beloved of those now basking in the glow of fame and fortune. People totally unaware that the glow is from the fires of hell.

The big irony in my lifetime is the manner in which our fate has been dictated by the dogmatic and deluded creed of socialism. Here is the root cause of all our troubles. The once decent coves, such as Jim Callaghan, spawned the privileged but ungratefully corrupt offspring such as his now Baroness Jay, daughter. She was at the forefront of the developing champagne socialist movement that now wallows in the wealth and privilege denied to so many others they pretended to champion.

Look at how these ghastly and hypocritical deviants have prospered. Lord Kiddyfiddler  Mandleson. Lord Slobbo Adulterer Prezza, to name but two. The bully Snot Gobbler Closet Queen, full of the spite and envy that are the medals splashed across the chests of pretend socialists. All of them, the BBC smug suckers at the public purse, missing their weekends at Chequers but still happy to hero worship that crook and murderer, Bliar.

Sadly this cult of celebrity socialism doesn't stop with the political class. There is the secretive world of the senior but still inadequate Whitehall elite. From the Security Services through to The Treasury and Cabinet Office, these EU obsessed, selfish and male dominated cretinous individuals connive and collude with their counterparts in Brussels and Europe,Washington and The Americas. All the while their machinations and aloof smugness leads us ever closer to a World made in the model of the USSR and Chinese examples. 

Freedom, opportunity, happiness through self made enterprise and hard work are all an anathema to those who demand only their dynasties should have privilege and comfort, freedom and wealth. Herein is their socialist Utopia. A species inhabiting a Planet solely expected  to serve a small, relatively privileged class. Honour and decency are not a requirement, just who are your parents or friends in high places. A world of utter privilege forged from the hypocrisy of socialism. A world led by the likes of Merkel, Mandy and their chosen ones.

The Boy and his upper class twits think they can be part of this future, at least if they copy the rule book of deluded deceitfulness. How dense they are to think that their backgrounds will be equal to a place at this top table of decadent socialists, so steeped in their Animal Farm manual! Despite the recognised Toff credentials of the old class system, they are finished. When once they commanded a degree of respect, the politics of envy they have also embraced puts them in the same criminal, negligent category of the bankers and criminals who really rule the World today.

As I said, never any shortage of subject matter. Nor any shortage of smug, crooked, BBC types and socialist celebrities, for whom hypocrisy is a Victoria Cross. Just occasionally one of them burns out spectacularly and prove God is still with us. Isn't that so, Piers!


  1. On the banking thing.
    It used to be, I think, that bankers bet with their own money. Now, from all accounts, these bankers use other peoples money. Perhaps a little xlause saying that they are solely liable for any losses.........Or is that too simple?

    1. FWTTWR, far too simple. What's our is theirs in that world of arrogant greed.

  2. Could you elucidate please...prove God is still with us. ?
    I believe that God IS still with us, but what does that have to do with Piers?

    1. I suspect God does not like those who would be his replacement, Moose. Morgan rather believes he is.