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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

We really Are Doomed.

The New World Order Delusion.

Human nature spawns predictable habits and characteristics in all beings. One of those being the ability to "spin" or rather delude either ones self or others. The economic mess we are mired in is a perfect example of such mind bending idiocy and featured in the image above and the Telegraph article linked to.

John Ward highlights that very same behaviour and encapsulates the reason for why the global economy is failing so badly. Naturally it is in the context of all of us but those with trillions stashed away for a rainy day. I have bewailed this scenario for years but it is now the subject of study and research beyond even the brightest blogger, let aloe Oldrightie. Yet this is still delusional.

The reported 92000 individuals holding these obscene riches delude themselves that they lead to control of the rest of the human race. Be it idiots such as that EU Clown in the picture or a Bernie Ecclestone figure, all need others less fortunate to secure. manage and protect their belongings and wealth. If the whole structure of an economy is fractured and broken their power also goes down the pan. This piece contains the following quote; "The countries with immunity control their own currencies and central banks. They thus have the power to print money, which they use to the full. By the principle of Occam’s razor, this one simple explanation should be viewed as the main reason for Europe’s present crisis. "  Ergo small works, big, one size fits all most definitely does not. He spoils his argument thereafter by suggesting printing money is OK. Thus are we witness to the delusion of the Chatterati, too!

In a world of economic stagnation, lack of a more equitable distribution added to the educational and economic deserts, growing day by day ever more barren, the supply of doctors, scientists, pilots, cleaners, nannies and yes, even accountants, wanes. Services required to support a productive machinery in food, manufacturing and shelter, cannot survive without the revenue generated from the surfeit of supply and assets.

We can argue that this is what is happening right now, stagnation and decline. In this environment eventually the vast hordes held by this greedy few will become meaningless. So will the delusion of a One World Government. Dear Lord, a single European experiment in trailing this vast bureaucratic idea has failed beyond stupidity.

Yet still the hoarders go on hoarding. Then, in various parts of the Globe that greed for power and control gets sussed. The Middle east being one area of unrest and fight back against this global ambition. The delusion of big is good, small bad, is now manifestly in operation. Human beings are and will always be tribal.

The trick is to create tribes capable of managing their own affairs, trading surpluses and not coveting other tribes and nations. Competition and fairness, not cliques and insiders working to control everything possible. Those imbecilic plonkers are now seen in all their nakedness. Devoid of any covering for their monumental self immolated awfulness, counting their gold and money on some desert island yet still starving and thirsty, competing for survival with those who were once 
their sycophants and servants. 
Mad Max is coming and not to a cinema near you but a neighbour!


  1. Fire on The Stiperstones. The gods of my tribe are angry. It is a bad omen. Is it all about to begin? Whose sheildwall will you be in?

  2. "Human beings are and will always be tribal."

    They used to be, but they lost their edge after giving up cannibalism. It's the chimpanzees who carry the flag these days.

    1. Chimps are better and more intelligent to leave their pals and attempt to rule the world, GB. Love the pic!

  3. Why is it that blogpost names like Doomed attract one so? LOL.

  4. Quite right sir. I was about to link this to James' site, I see there is no need.