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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Suffocation Not Working.

Still Struggling To Hide Bad News.

This Olympic BBC  love fest drags on. Team GB are working valiantly to overhaul Colombia in the medal table as China faces out any accusations of drug cheating. Would you, as host nation, in debt to trillions to another Country, publicly humiliate them? I think not.

Despite the endless coverage of hopscotch, conker wielding tiddlywinks and other obscure games plus the odd sporting contest, the Global nightmare of World Government continues. The USA fuel arms race weaponry with aggressive rather than defensive new bombs.  Always more than enough of tax payers earnings to ravish for the arms business. Plus the might of these weapons can influence other business dealing, can't it. Or are they required for underground protest movements?

G4 in the UK is the poor man's Halliburton and a good example of the corrupt relationships between security services, CIA and MI6. As the Olympic Games continue the  Jo Moore  school of PR is having a field fest over 16 days. The irony is, for British politicians and their Whitehall lackeys, the Games themselves are yet to not be part of the Moore scenario.

So as the wasted billions are highlighted for all to see, the EU economic woes lurch on and on from crisis to crisis. Syria rages in bitter civil war, Egypt moves ever closer to an Iranian style State and Iran gets ever more equal with Israeli nuclear might, those empty seats stare out from the venues with accusing statements of inequality and privilege abused. The IOC are vying with FIFA for gold in the embezzlement relay heats but neither takes stock of the really important things around us.

Here in The UK we continue the failed PR exercise of cuts and Government expenditure reduction. The "benefits" of such action, or I should say inaction, get ever more obvious. As the impossible to understand, incoherent accents of the BBC's inclusivity of chav presenters descends into farce, as they slaver over the odd bronze medal, the stark unpleasantness keeps intruding. Apart from the billionaire class everybody on less than circa 70K per annum is now seeing how QE or money laundering, sorry printing, is really theft on a grand scale.

Meanwhile Casty Cammers pretends to be excitedly on board the Olympic PR juggernaut. Delusion again writ large or so it appears. Maybe, behind the smoke screens and the Lord Smug  "I see no empty seats" Coe façade with his many new construction  industry envelope donating mates, just maybe their real lives are looking precarious as regards to their future earnings.

I was buoyed up today to learn of this, from the ever watchful Raedwald. Of course it is then spoilt by the desire to fleece us all yet further and fund the idiots with our money. If a leader and a Party fired the imagination of all of the people, bar the fanatical wannabes who expect a few leaflet drops to put them on Westminster's gravy train, then funding would not be an issue. The survival of the three present parties is not a foregone conclusion. We must try and ensure that remains or improves. They rule us with fear, they should taste some of their own medicine. 

If the Monster Raving Loonies can beat the Liberals, why not UKIP or another beat the other two? What's not to like!

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