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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Show Casing Britain.....................

By A Poor Showman.

Without a decent adviser in sight! So the clone of Bliar, temper transplant from Snotty, PM goes from weak to puerile in just a few months. Like Bliar, I thought after the election, "Well, let's wait and see." Well I've been waiting and despairing every day that has and goes by at this Star Trek like alien mumbles his badly coached and ill advised clowning and poor, inadequate showmanship.

Unlike the pogroms by historical figures such as Pol Pot and Stalin, it seems a creeping, snail pace, to the same ends, is the way of the Western political, corporate, gangster ambition for a world government.

Education dumbed down, well off middle classes taxed and sacrificed on the altar of the feckless and lazy, dumb and dim but numerous under classes. The same people whose slum ridden ghettoes, overrun with mass immigration, were expedited more by socialists than anyone else!

The shadowy puppeteers seem very clever in their handling of the political front men they manage. So successful those same front men could be triplets. Waiting in the wings is the last subordinate lot still panting to get back in Office. They can wait, it's always the incumbents who are meting out the hardship and stupidity by the sack load.

So back to Cast Iron. His latest target is The Church. Always a soft touch for the secular control freaks. Once offending the Church was a recipe for dethroning and rebellion. Shame we can't have such a powerful body to represent us anymore. Why Casty thinks bombastic demands for buggery is a vote winner passes me by. Still he's having his little strut.

Ere long he'll be sulking in the bunker, just like Snotty. Bliar kept his Dorian Gray mirrors down there, Snotty his rocking horse and riding kits. I wonder what Casty's choice will be? Perhaps not a library stocked with good parenting books.

Whatever, we have a third puppet Muppet in Number 10. This guy is going to attempt to cash in on the Jubilympics! That's like using Eddie The Eagle as a style icon for ski wear! What a clown without a funny bone. Like Snotty clueless as to how embarrassing and a laughing stock he's become. Two years or more before limping, by deception, into Downing Street his credibility gets ever more tattered.

The economy is pants and he/they claim its The EU's woes, yet stick blindly to that voyage long after it hit the iceberg. He mutters about Great Britain's Olympic bounce ignoring that billions spent so far have given us zero return. If the infrastructure and job creation scheme failed then just watch as the part time employees go back on the dole. There's your employment increase. Gone the day these expensive and hubristic games mercifully end.

Casty, you are a dismal and pathetic failure. A spoilt, possibly once well meaning bloke, now so far out of your depth as to be funny. Furthermore two of your trusted friends are up before the Beak. Notwithstanding the lovely Sam is putting on a brave face, seeing your red headed paramour daily in the headlines must be tough, you are a poor and lightweight individual. Shallow, ill tempered and a tendency to bully. I guess you'll be hurling mobile phones, well iPods, around soon. Still you'll replace them easily enough with money borrowed in our name and spent in yours.

Note in this clip how poor is the response when called to be honest! Dressed as Bliar, behaves like Snotty!


  1. I feel nauseous when he appears on tv now.

    1. Anon, it didn't take as long as Bliar for Casty to be found out.

  2. I was just going to make the same remark Anon, beginning to loathe him as much as I do Blair.

    1. Only the crack in the middle divides them, JM!

  3. Blair grade two. There's plenty more in the mines of politics.Nothing better will be permitted.

    1. I hope those mines cave in and we get to look elsewhere for salvation.