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Friday, 20 July 2012

Olympic Nightmare.

Just Modern Britain's Socialist Legacy.

The whole of the UK is blighted by decades of the socialist education and benefit "something for nothing" culture. The slums are worse than they ever were since Dickensian times yet still flock to vote for the ideology that keeps them in poverty. No education no understanding.

This dreadful decline in standards and loss of excellence permeates the whole structure of society today. Paedophiles are to be found everywhere. Drug barons run Cabinet Offices and Whitehall with a combination of fear and blackmail. All are corrupted and just disregard centuries of improving moral standards with disdain and arrogant dismissal.

As for The Olympics debacle. I feel for the athletes and the grass roots in sport as I do for our troops. Immense pride for their efforts and achievements and despair at the abuse by the corporate and gangster string pullers, aided and abetted by the politicians present and "retired". Look how little publicity is attached to the likes of John Reid's sinecure with G4S. Just watch as Bradley Wiggin's success gets taken from the ordinary folk and the once Cinderella sport of cycling gets abused by those who need to exploit his good nature and personal achievements.

Such an approach to everything was highlighted with the not guilty verdict in the Tomlinson case yesterday. Why a person's character and history of violence and cruelty, bullying and viciousness is supposed to remain unsaid because it might influence a verdict is a nonsense. Must we assume that a sadistic killer with a history of violent nastiness to others may be presented as a loving and decent individual in order for fairness? When confronted with ruined lives and raped and abused accusers the witnesses may be happily dismantled as promiscuous whores or willing participants in "games" inflicted on them by the angels in the dock. Where in that is logic?

Where does this gratuitous favouritism end? It would seem when the gangsters rule is total and any protest noisily tortured away. Those who once sought a better and more civilised, moral society have long gone. Now the careerists in politics learn quickly who runs the show and that it's tow the line or be very scared. Courage is no longer an option ever considered by the callow and callous youths in parliament today.

As for the old class warriors, they sold their souls quicker than most. Ask Lord Of The Pies Prezza Shagger or The Kinnocks' Godfather nurtured family. If you get too principled and Robin Cook like, well heart attacks are easily brought about by what passes for political intercourse in this unholy Nation of unbridled corruption and evil.

Still babies are born able to smile, even if it's only wind. When we die we retain that capacity up to our last breath,  so keep smiling it's never too late!


  1. "Paedophiles are to be found everywhere" including on the bench.

  2. Absolutely, OR. Might have written it myself [though not half as well :) ]

    1. Well, thank you James. As for not half as well, many times better I'm sure.