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Friday, 27 July 2012

Obummer Calling In favours?

Plus The BBC.

See how much is packed into this piece, that is in effect a BIG negative for Romney and quiet support for Obummer. Added to which is the joyous ignorance of the truth of Romney's remarks. Still mustn't let the embezzlement of millions by a favoured security firm of mates and establishment figures get in the way.

The games will be a fantastic spectacle and pinnacle of corporate power of the world's Eloys. No mistakes, expensive losses and legacy lunacy will be allowed to be heard. Killjoys who dare speak out will be guilty of Olympicism on a par with racism! Just as those heartbroken at the tide of immigration that has swept The UK out of sight are called names and the propaganda reinforced by the establishment's lackey judiciary.

In truth Mitt Romney has the financial clout to scare Obummer's already enriched sycophants who now fear losing the patronage of the "Court" of his White House tenure. Like as in the Olympic nightmare so Obummer's time in Office. The debt fuelled brainless actions and slavish support for the wall Street gangsters will not be allowed to feature in the election.

Only his gurning and tortured syntax will be shown. Especially in The EU and its States, who desperately need Obummer's Islamic favouritism to support the New World Order's growth plans. These plotters do not want Milt and his ilk to spoil their party. That he might well do a better job will not matter. Unless he can sign up to the same agenda the incumbent did he's not a cat in hell's chance. Go on, America, prove me wrong.


Amusing Bunni said...

I hope the bum stays away, it's bad enough his ugly cow of a "wife" will be hogging the spotlight.

Romney should have kept his mouth shut, but everyone knows he's better for USA and UK when he wins in November.

Alfred said...

I strongly suspect that Romney is an honest man. No wonder the consternation in the BBBc and Cameron's shiftiness.The Anglo-Saxon ideals of openness and people power must frighten the hell out of these imposters.

Oldrightie said...

I do hope your Nov prediction comes good, AB!

Oldrightie said...

Hi, Alfred, it's so bad at the NWO Council table even rich, honest members are shunned.

Get Smart said...

I cant bring myself to get involved in anyway because the people running it the politician are the biggest traitors ever. They have destroyed this country and yet we have thousands waving Union Jacks like we were still a country. Of course all these mugs will be picking up the bill while the great and the good like Coe and G4s run off will their millions.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is a cunt. He would make an awful president.
Can't the right wing get somebody better to run for the post?

Oldrightie said...

Why not get Bliar to take US citizenship and run? Or perhaps Snotty Gordon Brown? The States couldn't field a decent right winger, they'd get flamed, just like the fragrant Palin. We get the politicians we deserve.